Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

Dec 14, 2022

There was a band, singing, dancing, costumes, and all kinds of joy last night in a return to form for our Elementary School Christmas Concert. Our remarkably dedicated and talented music teachers Marie-Cait Browning and Linda George-Wegner spearheaded the event and inspired our students to perform at their best as they transported the audience to a winter wonderland.

It was the first time we hosted this Concert since 2019 and as a result, most students hadn’t had the opportunity to be in front of such a large crowd. But there didn’t seem to be much stage fright as students performed with loud voices, finely tuned instruments, and smiles throughout the entirety of their performance.

A deep and sincere thank-you to all who committed time, energy, and heart to make sure this was such a wonderful event. The audience lauded the Concert, and it definitely put them in the Christmas spirit.