Who We Are

Faculty Directory

Elementary School

Sharon Bennet

Jr. Primary Director

Jeff Britton

Physical Education Grades 3-6

Marie Browning

Music Grades 3-6

Cheryl Carter

Grade 4

Alison Comeau

Student Counsellor, French Support

Clarissa Chiasson

Grade 3

Nicole Ferguson

Grade 5

Moira Findlay

Extended Day & Summer Camp Coordinator

Ann Fitzgerald

Grade 4-6, French

Josee Gales

Maternity Leave

Linda George-Wegner

Music JP, P, Grades 1-2, Grade 6 Band

Jared Griffiths

Elementary School Principal

Sherry Jollymore

Art Grades P-6

Emma Kester

French JP, P, Grade 3

Jamie MacDonald

Grade 5

Pamela MacDonald

EAL Teacher

Jennifer MacDougall

Grade 6

Cindi MacMillan

Grade 6

Meagan MacPherson

Grade 4

Andrew MacSwain

Physical Education JP, P, Grades 1-2

Jessica Maynard

Grade 1

Catherine Meagher


Susan Mosher

Elementary School Learning Strategist

Esther Penner

Grade 2

Mark Reese

Grade 2

Stephanie Simpson


Barb Wade

Jr. Primary

Monica West


Tracey Young

Grade 3

Senior School

Robyn Andrecyk

English, Social Studies, Core, Techology

Andrew Aven Gillis

Chair of English, History, Performing Arts

Megan Beaubien

Senior School
Learning Strategist

Kathleen Bekkers

Math, Religion

Kathryn Bjornson

English, Debate Coordinator

Jill Blain


Alyssa Bocking

Biology, Math

Dr. Emily Bowden


Claudia Cubillos

French, Spanish

Linda Davis


Gwen Dawson


Bill Druker

Chair of Science, Chemistry, History

Laura Elworthy

Vice Principal
Student Life

Rebecca Fear

Chair of Fine & Performing Arts, Music, Fine Arts, Core

Laurie Feldman

Librarian & Information Services Manager

Linda George-Wegner


Gabrielle Gesner


Erin Gouthro

Science, Chemistry

Caroline Hamilton-Gillis

Visual Arts

Dr. Rebecca Hammond

Chair of Math, Calculus, Pre-Cal

Thomas Hammond

EAL Teacher

Shoneth Leadbetter

Math, Physics, Pre-Cal

Heather Leal

Sociology, Social Studies

Polina Lerman

Chair of EAL, EAL, Religion

Dr. Wallace MacAskill

Senior School Principal

Jeremy MacHattie

Math, Science

Carolyn MacKenzie

School Counsellor, Core

Gordon MacKinnon

Science, Chemistry

Andrew MacSwain

Physical Education

Michael McCallum


Sarah McGuire

English, Religion

Christina McKay

Social Studies, Religion, History, English

Patricia McMullen

Math, Pre-Cal

Janice McQuaid

Chair of Social Studies, Social Studies, Economics

Leah Minor

English, Religion

Janelle Misener

Chair of Languages, French

Peter Moores

Athletics Director, Physical Education

Craig Pinches

Vice Principal Academics

Andrew Quigley

Chair Religion, Math, Religion, Computer Tech, Physics

Charlotte Riley

French, Spanish, Int’l Student Exchange, SHELL Program

Kathryn Ross

Physical Education, Core

Andreas Rotta-Loria

Social Studies, History, Core

Jason Scott

Chair of Physical Education & Health, Physical Education, Core

Sara Spears

Science, Math

Janne Tamblyn Lee


Lori Welsh

AP Coordinator, University Prep Counsellor

Meredith Wilson

EAL Teacher