University Preparation

The best defense is a good offense, so that’s why, when it comes to preparing for university and life after high school, we start early, we have a plan, and we are very serious.

Virtually all of our Sacred Heart graduates go on to a university education. We ensure their success by providing university preparation for all senior high school students. Students are supported with academic counselling and are encouraged to plan for their future by listening and learning from senior high students and recent graduates about how they can start preparing for their post-secondary years. Students are also supported as they develop their strengths and a well-rounded background including volunteerism and leadership.

Distinguishing oneself through active engagement in a range of activities is essential to building community and an important part of each student’s personal growth. It also enables students to be far more prepared for university life, and contributes to more successful scholarships and awards in their graduating year, which looks great on their applications.

In Grade 11, students can write PSAT exams to experience lengthy multiple choice formats and to obtain a benchmark. PSAT scores compare students with other university-bound students at their grade level, helping them understand their strengths and limitations in relation to others in their cohort.

Once in Grade 12, students have a weekly compulsory University Preparation course. Individual counselling and guidance is provided on a regular basis. Sacred Heart graduates are encouraged to apply for scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

Overall, students leave Sacred Heart fully equipped to engage in a successful and fulfilling post-secondary academic experience so they can be agents of change in our world.

“The University Prep program taught me to be proactive in weighing all of my possibilities for post-secondary studies. It taught me to embrace the transition from high school rather than be afraid of it. Starting my first year of university, I feel incredibly prepared to take on any challenge, whether it be in academics or in other areas of my life.”

– Ailie Sullivan ‘18