We talk about our Sacred Heart experience as much as we do about our Sacred Heart education as the two are inextricably linked.

Goal 4 calls on us to build community, and it is a core building block of everything we do here and ultimately helps define this experience. Whether it’s from our Parents’ Guild, past parents, the RSCJ, families, or our faculty and staff, each one has a role to play in supporting and elevating each within the whole.

So too do our students who have a wealth of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, that build on their education while welcoming them into communities of shared interests and experiences. From a robotics program that helps children discover the world of coding to our Exchange Program that helps our students discover the world, from leadership opportunities that develop self-confidence to volunteer opportunities that nurture compassion. There is something at Sacred Heart School of Halifax for every student, and for every student, there is a multitude of ways to grow as a person, humanitarian, and community member.

“When you visit the school, you can sense pride and ownership in belonging to Sacred Heart Community, everyone is respectful and caring towards each other. The school leadership is forward-looking, engaging and committed to providing a holistic education to its students whilst also being involved in community building. This school is truly a blessing for us.”

MJ Ramos