Time to get your game face on!

At Sacred Heart, physical activity through play and sport is an important part of our daily life. In addition to intramurals, we typically offer recreational and competitive sports, and both have put our Sharks on the proverbial athletics map in recent years.

Elementary School (P-6)

Healthy, active living is at the core of the Elementary School’s physical literacy program. Through our program, every child is challenged with a dynamic mix of structured physical education and free outdoor playtime. In the gym, typically all grade levels receive three PE periods per week; and on the playground, they enjoy three recesses daily that include structured and free play on our state-of-the-art playground, in our Gaga Pit, and at basketball courts and other designated sports areas.

There are typically a number of seasonal co-curricular activities to choose from, including Running Club, karate, and skating at the nearby Emera Oval. Our year-long, weekly intramural program for Grades 2-6, encourages friendly competition in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball. As students move up through the School, there are ample opportunities for participation in more formal and competitive meets and tournaments in sports such as cross country, badminton, and athletics.

Senior School (7-12)

Welcome to the Shark Tank! Our junior (Grades 7-9) and our senior (10-12) teams compete in both independent (Atlantic Canadian Independent Schools ACIS) and public school leagues. We are committed to good sportsmanship and fair play and we believe in competing hard and winning — we take practice and competition very seriously. SHSH senior teams typically compete competitively in basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, hockey, badminton, skiing, golf, and athletics, and recreationally in tennis, field hockey, and table tennis.

Over the years, we have been able to offer elite athletes the flexibility to pursue athletic goals while maintaining strong academic standing. Our faculty excel at supporting those who may have to miss classes to train, compete, and travel. As a result of this tailored approach, we count in our alum community three Olympians, a number of U SPORTS and NCAA scholar-athletes, and national and international elite performers in swimming, gymnastics, paddling, running, and sailing.

To learn more about our codes of conduct and other important information for our Senior School athletics program, download our Athletics Handbook here.

I have had the opportunity to be on many different teams over my years at SHSH and every one of those opportunities has taught me important skills that I will carry with me through life.

Maggie Smith ‘19