English as an Additional Language

Diversity is reflected everywhere at SHSH – in the faces and languages of our students who come from around the world. A helping hand in English is sometimes just what they need to make their educational journey complete.

As a very inclusive school, SHSH welcomes students of all faiths, races, and languages. To support our diverse student population, we offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) for any student in Primary to Grade 12 who requires extra assistance. Before entry into the program, students are given an official language assessment to determine their English level. In addition to attending regular courses, students attend uniquely-tailored, content-based EAL classes one-to-four times a week, where they will focus on language skills and learning strategies. In time and with consistent work, students’ English skills improve steadily as they are given support to achieve fluency, be successful in their classes, and reach their highest potential.

Want to learn more about EAL? Contact Marie Reyes, our Admissions Director.

“My English has improved so much since I arrived to Sacred Heart School of Halifax because my teachers, friends, and host family help me all the time. I love this school and I love Halifax. The school’s location is great and there is beautiful nature around Halifax. I am so glad I came to SHSH!”

Mayu Ishida, Japan