Sacred Heart Campus Library

There is something about turning the page of a really good book that never gets old. Which is why our Campus Library houses an incredible collection of books for students of all ages. But it’s also so much more; it’s a 21st Century print and digital resource for 21st Century students.

With a massive selection of thoughtfully selected resources, both digital and print, our Campus Library serves the entire student body, faculty, and staff. In addition to meeting academic and informational needs, the Library promotes a pure love of reading, supports intellectual curiosity (as rooted in our Sacred Heart mission), and nurtures informed, socially aware, and responsible students. Our Librarian is also very informed about current trends and issues in academia, such as the use of AI, and provides classroom support and guidance for students and teachers.

The Library is also a comprehensive suite of collections and services. For example, we frequently host author visits and book launches; we create personalized reading lists; we offer a year-long reading and literacy program to promote and encourage reading, reading comprehension, and writing skills; we provide access and borrowing privileges at Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, and Mount Saint Vincent Universities through special partnerships; we have a Library website full of online resources including academic databases in English and French; and finally we have an online catalogue that pulls all of our resources together and even lets you personalize reading lists, write reviews, and send recommendations to friends.

Relationships. We know that the relationship between students and librarians is an important one. Our Librarian makes an effort to get to know the students, providing academic and reading support to the entire student body.

Literacy and Reading. Students develop a special relationship with our Librarian. Rich book conversations can often be overheard in the Library, as our Librarian chats with students about what they are reading, the latest book releases, or book suggestions.

Researching. Research skills develop early. At Sacred Heart, our Librarian regularly visits classes as early as Grade 3 to introduce basic research skills and internet safety. As your child grows, our Librarian hosts regular class visits in the Library to teach advanced research skills to support them on their academic journey.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity. We know that understanding academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism is key to academic and long-term success. Our Librarian works with students individually and in groups for assistance with research papers and navigating citation formats required in academic papers.

Documentation Styles. Our Librarian assists students in constructing citations for a number of resources, including books, periodicals, and online resources. They are supported as they learn to create entries in various documentation styles, including MLA, APA and Chicago.

Online Resources. Today’s top libraries require an active, dynamic website that provides strong academic resources. Our Library website provides links to a number of EBSCO academic databases, as well as Encyclopedia Britannica. These resources support a variety of age groups. Our Librarian is always available to assist students in navigating these databases and to help identify which databases are useful for their purpose. Many of the databases are available in English and French.

Academic Support. Sometimes, students just need a space to work quietly or a faculty member they can approach for academic help. Through online curriculum catalogues and the support of teachers, our Librarian is aware of the larger assignments happening throughout the school each month. She prepares resources, identifies relevant books and periodicals, and provides guidance with assignments as needed.

“What a rich environment for younger children to explore, take learning risks and discover themselves and the world around them.”

Katie Aven