Portrait of a Graduate

“Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.”
– St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

The objective of a Sacred Heart education is to develop people of integrity whose actions align with their values and beliefs. True to St. Madeleine Sophie’s vision, Sacred Heart graduates are characterized by their confidence, courage, and compassionate spirit.

An ability to engage in informed, critical analysis that reflects an understanding of the world and a conscious recognition of the dignity of all people.

A discerning spirit that is rooted in an active faith in God and that supports sound decision-making and action.

A commitment to being responsible for their well-being and personal development as integral people.

A genuine understanding of community and care for others that is reflective of the attitudes of Christ’s Heart and a commitment to the common good.

A desire to form authentic relationships that are built on mutual respect and shared values.

The defining characteristics of a Sacred Heart School of Halifax graduate

To download the full Portrait of a Sacred Heart Graduate from the Network’s Conference of Sacred Heart education, click here.