Advanced Placement

When students discover the subjects and challenges that fire them up, our Advanced Placement (AP) university courses stoke their passion.

In Senior School, we don’t go for prescriptive programs, we prefer a tailored approach. We work with students to make sure they are on the path that’s right for them, whether it’s as a doctor, engineer, artist, architect, video game developer, entrepreneur, or mathematician. That’s why our program includes Advanced Placement (AP) university classes, educational travel, unique online courses, and experiential learning with local specialists to augment their learning experience. In other words, we are rich in opportunity. The AP courses we offer are rigorous, university-credit courses that are honoured across the globe and benefit your child in multiple ways:

They can pick and choose the subject areas they want to excel in, they don’t have to take all advanced courses.

With a score of four or five on an exam, a student will then have a first-year university credit(s) before they even enter university. They can then move more quickly toward a degree and save money, take a lighter course load the first year, or repeat the class to increase their chances of early success.

Completion of AP courses indicates to universities that a student appreciates a challenge and has already proven readiness for their first-year program of study. In other words, they’re a safe bet, and that’s a good thing.

AP is widely recognized beyond North America and highly regarded at top colleges and universities. In the UK, AP distinguishes our students from local students, many of whom take the standardized IB program.

Alumna Maria Samman ’17 shares her insight into the value of the AP Program in this blog post.

“The Advanced Placement Program at Sacred Heart allowed me to challenge myself in the subjects I loved throughout high school. Furthermore, it made my transition to university much easier as I had already learned much of the content across most of my courses in first year. This made my first year much smoother and allowed me to set myself up for success in my undergrad.”

– Clarissa Brisseau ’12, MD Candidate (2022)