What Sets Us Apart?

We’re different, and we’re proud of it! What makes us so different? Lots of things; but there are four attributes in particular that set Sacred Heart School of Halifax apart from any other private or independent school in Halifax, or the region for that matter.

1. We BELIEVE in faith, hope, and love as guiding principles in the spiritual development of our students.

Theological virtues all three, true. But for us they transcend theology or religious dogma; they are spiritual ideals we live by. We shower our children with love and expect them to love one another. We help them understand there is always hope even when there are challenges, or the world seems dark. And, we encourage them to discover, question, and mature in the faith that guides them.

2. We INSPIRE our students to be the best for the world, not just the best in the world.

When our students graduate, they’re among the most academically prepared students in the country and they’re on a path to a successful and meaningful future; the world is theirs to conquer. It’s also theirs to make better. Because in the spirit of our Founder, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, we believe Sacred Heart students have a responsibility to give back to their community and their world.

3. We SHARE meaningful traditions, global opportunities, and a deep connection to our heritage as part of our Sacred Heart network around the world.

As part of a global family, we are fortunate to share a rich heritage that dates back to 1800 when St. Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (RSCJ) and created the educational and spiritual philosophy that still guides us and the other network schools around the world. That philosophy, articulated in our Five Goals, gives us purpose and direction and sets the tone for our School.

Our heritage also provides us with ceremonies and traditions unique to us: Congé – a surprise day of play when everyone in the School get to be kids; Primes — a monthly Elementary School tradition of rewarding students for the good, the great, and the inspirational; Links of Love and Pinning Ceremonies – time-honoured and moving ceremonies that have the outgoing Grade 12 students pass the torch of leadership on to the incoming Grade 12 class; and many others.

And in every nook and cranny of our School, which dates back to 1849, you can find rich architectural details, noteworthy artwork, elaborate formal spaces, and the spirit of many remarkable educators, leaders, and students who have walked our halls. All of this history, spirituality, and heritage infuse our School with a unique character; one that gives definition to what it means to be a student here. And once a child of the Sacred Heart, always a child of the Sacred Heart — welcomed by and instantly connected to others around the world.

4. We TAILOR our education to the student: by gender, by aptitude, by interest, and by dream.

Faithful to the spirit of teaching the whole child, our education is not pre-packaged or prescriptive; it is child-specific. We work with our students to make sure they are on the path that’s right for them, whether it’s as a doctor, artist, architect, video-game developer, or mathematician. We do that by gender, because we know boys and girls think, learn, develop, process, and manage things differently; by aptitude, because some students excel in different subjects and at different times; by interest, because there’s something for everyone; and by dream, because whether it’s big, small, or in development, every child has a passion in life that we can help them pursue.

Want more reasons to love Sacred Heart?

“Sacred Heart’s teaching is set apart! My daughter’s teachers demonstrated an understanding of my daughter’s unique learning style, her interests and her potential. They definitely held her to a higher standard of performance than she would have set for herself and were challenging and supportive in the right measure.”

Anna Stuart