A Colourful Pep Rally!

Sep 18, 2023

It was a sight to behold as Sacred Heart students marched en masse to Point Pleasant Park for our annual Senior School Pep Rally. Despite an early morning gullywasher that almost saw the event postponed, the show went off without a hitch much to the delight of both students and faculty. 

The Pep Rally, organized and led by the Senior School Student Council, gave students a chance to get to know their schoolmates better as they celebrated the beginning of the new school year together. They were kitted out in their House colours — Barat blue, Stuart red, Hardey yellow, and Duchesne green — and took part in a slew of fun activities including blindfolded drawing challenges, tag, and a nerve-wracking obstacle course. And as much as the games were fun and the edible treats cool and delicious, it was the communal display of School spirit and the new friendships formed that were the icing on the cake!  

Thanks to our student leaders and our faculty who put so much time, effort, and energy into this year’s Rally.