The Value of a SHSH Education

Can you put a value on the future? Probably not, but we think priceless is a good start.

We get it; independent education is expensive. And our parents tell us time and time again that it’s worth every penny. Often, it’s after our students have graduated and started to make their mark on the world when the investment in their education truly pays dividends. And while we also understand the public school system in Nova Scotia is good, we strongly believe an independent education at Sacred Heart is better, and here’s why:

  • We go well beyond what’s required by Nova Scotia curriculum and teach courses, skills, and principles to cultivate well-educated and well-prepared students who are not just smart, but also polite, thoughtful, kind, and compassionate.
  • Our students are motivated and engaged, resulting in a peer group that lifts one another up.
  • Our Five Goals provide an outstanding set of core values that give direction to everything we do.
    Love and joy abound at our School.
  • Traditionally, 100% of our graduates are accepted into university.
  • Our students master the basics first — writing a solid essay, confidently speaking in public, and thinking critically.
  • Small class sizes and exceptionally dedicated teachers provide a tailored education for our students, challenging each one to soar based on interest and aptitude.
  • Our Advanced Placement program gives our students a kick-start to their university career while in high school and allows them to specialize in only the areas they choose.
  • Our highly-regarded performing arts programs, including music, theatre, and visual arts, have cultivated an impressive array and number of performers.
  • Whether in the recreational or competitive program, we compete against public, private, and independent schools in city leagues and beyond. SHSH student-athletes have the opportunity to shine and capture local and regional titles as individuals and as part of teams. 
  • Our Sacred Heart community, both locally and globally, is one big, diverse, and welcoming family.

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“The guiding ethos of this school goes beyond academics (or athletics or any other focused perspective). It is, instead, all about a holistic approach to turning young kids into well-adjusted adults who contribute meaningfully to society.”

Gord Cooper