Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

May 26, 2023

Today we celebrated our beloved foundress —St. Madeleine Sophie Barat —  with not one, but two simultaneous celebrations. A full school liturgy for Grades 3-12 was held in the Original Gym, officiated by Fr. Jim Richards, and a second ceremony was held for our youngest students. Both included song, prayer, and reflection, and gave us the opportunity to acknowledge the simple wisdom of Sophie’s message: “Be humble, be simple, and bring joy to others.” 

We also used the opportunity of our Feast Day to acknowledge and thank our special guests including our RSCJ, our long-serving faculty and staff who together have given us 281 years of service, and our ten-year students.


Faculty and Staff Service Awards:

35+ Years

Carolyn Hipson (retiring)

30 Years

Nicole Ferguson, Carolyn MacKenzie, Patricia McMullen, and Charlotte Riley

15 Years

Paula Simpson-O’Brien

10 Years

Robyn Andrecyk

Shoneth Leadbetter

Jennifer MacDougall

Gordon MacKinnon

Christina McKay

Janelle Misener

Kathryn Ross and 

Janne Tamblyn Lee 

5 Years

Antwon Christian

Rebecca Fear

Ann Fitzgerald

Erin Gouthro

Kathleen Groves

Dr. Wallace MacAskill

Pamela MacDonald

Miriam Martin and 

Craig Pinches


Ten-Year Students:

Molly Aven Gillis

Charlie Barbara

Dane Biddulph

Oliver Bourne

Peter Cormier

Jon Earle

Henrick Gerard

Lyla Haldane

Siobahn Harris

Zoya Lawen

Ruby Lumsden

Maria MacDonald

Hannah Matheson

Isobel McBride

Lizzie McKenna

Aarushi Patil

Noah Reddy

Sully Sherry

Matthew Wilson