• November

    Virtual Christmas Fair was a Smashing Success!

    The annual Christmas Fair, one of our community’s most beloved traditions, and one of the Parents’ Guild’s most important fundraising events of the year, took place last weekend. And even though it was unfortunately not an in-person event at the School, it was still an amazing community-building event and a huge success thanks to the hard work of our Parents’ Guild and the generosity of our community. Together we raised over $32,000!

    Popular Fair traditions like wreath sales, wine by the case, and used uniforms all went online this year. The wreaths sold out in only a few days, there was the usual high demand for uniform pieces and most families got what they were looking for, and the number of wine cases sold went well beyond previous years and expectations. Speaking of expectations, the Silent Auction moved online this year for the first time ever, and it completely surpassed hopes thanks to the incredible response from our community both in terms of donations and bids. Many commented how user friendly the process was. 

    On Saturday a small group of volunteers spent the afternoon at the Christmas Fair Drive Thru ensuring contact-less delivery of items to families. It was a festive scene that included Santa and Buddy the Elf, Christmas tunes, and incredible Christmas decorations and spirit!

    Special thanks to the Parents’ Guild, especially Christmas Fair Lead Amy Publicover and President Keith Bourne, for their leadership of a fantastic Christmas Fair Planning Team - the amount of energy and Christmas spirit they put into this Fair and its success was phenomenal and we are incredibly grateful. Thanks also to Harvest Wine & Spirits who so generously donated back to the School, and to everyone in our community who bought raffle tickets, donated auction items, bought wreaths, bid on auction items, and participated in big and small ways during the Fair. 
  • Celebrating St Philippine Feast Day at Senior School

    This morning our Grade 8 girls led the Senior School in an assembly to celebrate St. Philippine Duchesne, whose feast day of November 18 is recognized and celebrated by Sacred Heart Schools and the RSCJ around the world.

    In this ceremony, students shared moments of St. Philippine Duchesne’s life and her missionary journey to bring Sacred Heart education to North America. And while we acknowledged that Philippine, as a human being was not without fault, we recognized that she was a woman of humility, courage, strength, and faith, whose commitment laid the foundation of Sacred Heart education across North America.

    Thank you to the Grade 8 girls and to Ms. Fear for leading today’s ceremony and to Campus Minister Moira Schrader for her support.
  • Stunning success: Our Senior Girls’ soccer team wins the Provincial Championship!

    For the first time in Sacred Heart’s history, the Senior Girls’ soccer team won the NSSAF Provincial Championship, beating Cape Breton Highlands 4-1 in Antigonish.

    The game was an intense nail-biter and fans were on the edge of their seats. After a scoreless first half, Sacred Heart took the lead in the second half with a goal by Talia Friesen. The Highlands tied it up not long after and sent the game into overtime. In the first overtime half the Sharks took the lead with another goal by Talia Friesen, and in the second overtime half, they took control with Talia netting one more for an impressive hat trick and Hannah Gogan adding the icing on the cake for an exciting 4-1 finish. It was an impressive effort, full of determination, sportsmanship and of course HEART! 

    Huge congratulations to each and every member of the team and to coach Jill Blain. We are very proud of you! Go Sharks!
  • Remembrance Day at the Elementary  

    On November 10th, the Elementary School Student Council led this year’s Remembrance Day Assembly to honour those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live in peace. They walked in a procession to the Little Theater with the Canadian flag and a very special wreath.

    Elementary School Principal Mr. Tugwell took time to acknowledge how honored we are to have members of our School community who have or who are currently serving our country, including Liet. Col. W. Brent Culligan, who was in the Little Theatre as a special guest.

    It was a beautiful and solemn ceremony in which our students thanked and honoured all the veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice. This year there was a special emphasis on the more than 4,000 Aboriginal people in Canada who left their homes and their families to help fight in the First and Second World Wars.

    Kurtis George-Wagner played a beautiful rendition of “The Last Post” which was followed by two minutes of silence.

    Big thanks to each and every one of the members of the Student Council for leading such a moving ceremony, and to all those involved in the organization in today’s assembly. Special thanks to Kurtis George-Wagner for playing the trumpet in both our Elementary and Senior ceremonies.
  • Senior School held a very special Remembrance Day Assembly

    This morning our Senior School came together to reflect on and honour the lives and sacrifices of all those who left their homes and families to serve our country. The ceremony was led by our Grade 12 girls who were joined by the rest of our Senior classes via Zoom.

    The ceremony included a video of the Christmas Day truce, which allowed our students to reflect on the humanity of the soldiers who put aside their differences to share compassion and kindness with one another. There was also a heartfelt reading of the poem “In Flanders’ Fields”, reflections about Vimy Ridge, a live trumpet interpretation of “The Last Post”, and two minutes of silence. Senior School Principal Dr. MacAskill ended the ceremony by inviting all students to remember the many women and men who are defending our freedoms each and every day.

    Big thanks to our Grade 12 students for organizing this beautiful ceremony, and to campus Minister Moria Schrader, Carolyn MacKenzie, and Kurtis George-Wegner for their contributions.
  • Learning about Egyptian Mummies at the Museum of Natural History 

    For both our Grade 8 and 9 Barat Academy students, a field trip to the Museum of Natural History this week was not just an excellent learning opportunity, but a great chance to connect outside of the classroom. 

    The Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life exhibit at the museum offered an excellent companion for the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum focusing on Ancient Egypt. The exhibit gave the girls an opportunity to see objects and artifacts they otherwise would only have seen in pictures. Of particular interest were the ancient Egyptian mummification and burial practices and the chance to see 4,000 year-old remains and treasures.

    For the Grade 9 girls, this was their chance to see the exhibit they were originally scheduled to visit in March; until the pandemic changed their plans of course. This was their opportunity to reflect back on their class and see so much of what they learned brought to life. Big thanks to Ms. McQuaid for organizing both visits, and especially for ensuring the Grade 9 girls got their visit in afterall. For both classes, it was a fantastic outing. 
  • October

    Happy Halloween! Elementary students celebrate with parade and homeroom parties

    Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for kids, and while this year’s celebration was slightly different than in previous years, it was still spooktacular!

    Our JP students learned that the traditional Halloween colour is orange and it is created by mixing red and yellow. They also made slime together, carved a big pumpkin they named “the rockstar”, and had a ton of fun trying to avoid a spiderweb by climbing over and under it very carefully. In costumes, they also went trick-or-treating inside the school and ended their celebration with a party in their classroom. The rest of the Elementary students took part in a very special parade around campus and in the neighbourhood, showing off their creativity with amazing Halloween costumes - from traditional spooky costumes like witches to movie characters like ironman and Pikachu. After the parade, they celebrated with parties in their classrooms, complete with snacks and fun activities.

    Thanks to all, including our teachers who got in on the costume fun, for making this such a fun Halloween celebration. 
  • Three days of fun during this year’s Oktoberfest

    Our Senior School had a ton of fun during this year’s Oktoberfest, one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year for students. The girls celebrated with fun, themed colour days, displaying creativity and collaboration. The 7R Class for example, turned their classroom into a house filled with grandmas. They closed their celebration with a mystery activity organized by the Student Council. In Fountain Academy, the boys also celebrated with themed color days like Jersey Day, “The ‘60’s”, and all about Frankenstein. They closed their celebration with their traditional pumpkin toss.

    The teachers played along as well and displayed colourful outfits and bold style from the 1980’s. And today, they took part in the Halloween festivities with some amazing costumes. 

    Big thanks to all those who participated and organized these awesome celebrations! Happy Halloween to everyone. 
  • Three days of fun during this year’s Oktoberfest

    Our Senior School had a ton of fun during this year’s Oktoberfest, one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year for students. The girls celebrated with fun, themed colour days, displaying creativity and collaboration. The 7R Class for example, turned their classroom into a house filled with grandmas. They closed their celebration with a mystery activity organized by the Student Council. In Fountain Academy, the boys also celebrated with themed color days like Jersey Day, “The ‘60’s”, and all about Frankenstein. They closed their celebration with their traditional pumpkin toss.

    The teachers played along as well and displayed colourful outfits and bold style from the 1980’s. And today, they took part in the Halloween festivities with some amazing costumes. 

    Big thanks to all those who participated and organized these awesome celebrations! Happy Halloweed to everyone. 
  • Building an Anti-Racist Culture is a journey, and we are on this boat together

    Last Friday, our faculty and staff had a professional day session like no other. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee organized a special session with Robert Wright, a Social Worker and Sociologist with more than 28 years of experience in the fields of education, child welfare, forensic mental health, and cultural education. He was joined by Angela Simmonds, a lawyer and the Equity and Access Manager at the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.

    The session supported this year’s theme: Building an Anti-Racist Culture: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and was important for helping our employees understand weighty concepts like the ancient origins of modern racism, the Doctrine of Discovery, the effects of legally-enshrined racism, cultural competence, and white privilege and fragility, to mention just a few. The three-hour session was informative, challenging, and ultimately very illuminating, and Robert and Angela were excellent and engaging presenters. 

    It’s one of the many steps the DEI community is undertaking as they find ways to help our community, especially our students, faculty, and staff better understand, confront, and become an ally in the fight against racism.
  •  Sacred Heart’s rooftop solar project is on!

    In less than 18 months, Sacred Heart School of Halifax has gone from winning inclusion in the Nova Scotia Solar for Community Buildings Pilot Program, raising over $200,000, building a solar photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of the School, and now generating our own power and revenue. This warp-speed project implementation is a result of the hard work and passion by so many in our School community - students, faculty and staff, the Board, partners, and donors. 

    That passion for more environmental sustainability and stewardship has given the School and our students a three-fold win that will be felt for decades to come. The project allows the School to sell the PV electricity it generates directly to Nova Scotia Power at a 20-year fixed-price contract. The revenue from the sale of that power will all be directed to the School’s Bursary Fund to support Sacred Heart students who need tuition assistance. The environmental benefits are substantial, in less than two weeks the project has already saved 840 kg of CO2 emissions, and virtually planted 25 trees. These benefits can easily be tracked using an innovative data tracker which shows real-time results of the project. This data is also valuable, dynamic information for the classroom, and will be integrated into STEM units, projects, and other curricular areas now and over time. 

    The project would not have happened without the generous and proactive partnership of SHSH parent Robb Apold and his company Natural Forces Solar, who led this project from inception to final build. The project came into fruition thanks to impactful donations from the RSCJ (Religious of the Sacred Heart) and alumna Debbie Coles. 
  • Great results in the First Online Nova Scotia Impromptu Debate Championship

    Last weekend, our debaters attended the first-ever online Nova Scotia Impromptu Debate Championship and came away with great results!

    In the Junior category, Aidan Eisan placed second individually and Nathaniel Duguay fifth. As a team, they made it to the finals and came second. In the Senior category, Amelia Wallworth placed fifth, Cullen Roach second, and Anisha Rajaselvam came first as the top speaker of the day. Anisha then went on to compete with Amelia Wallworth in the team competition, where they debated our own Jaden Lawen and Cullen Roach in the Senior finals. After a fierce competition, Amelia and Anisha defeated Cullen and Jaden on a split decision from the judges, winning the tournament.
    Big thanks to Pierre Duguay, Jennifer Hann, Rajesh Rajaselvam, Lori McCay-Peet, and Mattea Roach (a former SHSH debater) for judging this new online format. Without the support of parents as judges, we could not participate in and run a tournament. Huge thanks to Ms. Kathryn Bjornson for leading the teams and for her fantastic encouragement. Congratulations to all the debaters. Stay tuned because there is more to come for those who qualified for national tournaments. 
  • Feast of Mater Admirabilis

    October 20 is a very special day for all Sacred Heart schools around the world as we celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis. Mater is a fresco of the Virgin Mary, painted in 1844 by Pauline Perdreau, who at that time was a Sacred Heart postulant. This painting has, over the years, taken on special significance, and the Feast Day inspired by it is an important one for the Religious of the Sacred Heart and our entire Sacred Heart community. 
    Today, many of our students and staff wore pink as we celebrated this special Feast Day and beloved Sacred Heart tradition during the respective Elementary and Secondary assemblies. It was a thoughtful and peaceful ceremony filled with music, readings, and prayers. Special thanks to our Grade 7 Barat students and Grade 2 students for their incredible job leading the assemblies, and to their awesome teachers Ms. Mosher and Ms. Penner.
  • Emma Smith honoured by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

    It’s been 19 years since Emma Smith graduated from SHSH, and since then, she has built a very successful career founded on dedication and professionalism.

    Emma was trained as an Occupational Therapist and has worked for a number of years in clinical practice. 
    She has volunteered and taught in countries like Ghana, Thailand, Haiti, and Nepal, and she’s currently involved in the World Health Organization’s Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative.

    In September this year, Emma was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society (RESNA), a professional organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions. Emma was recognized for her exemplary volunteer work which included the Student Design Competition, on the Professional Standards Board, with special interest groups, and as Editor of the Assistive Technology Journal.

    Emma is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science at the University of British Columbia, and we can not be prouder of her and of all her impressive contributions to our community.
  • The Millar sisters are making waves in our community

    Nzingha Bernard Millar and Zamani Millar are former Sacred Heart students, and both have made tremendous contributions to our community.

    A few months ago Nzingha Millar, a young leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her skills to community development, justice, and equality was recognized with the Progress Women of Excellence Young Woman of Distinction award. 

    Zamani Millar on the other hand is a musician, songwriter, and producer, who in September this year, was one of five artists chosen for SOCAN Foundation’s 2020 Young Canadian Songwriters Award. With her composition “Sway the World” she won a $5,000 cash prize.

    The Millar sisters' commitment to their community is impressive, and it is a great reminder of how sharing our talents with those around us can make a positive impact in our community and our world.
  • The pandemic didn’t stop SHSH from holding annual Terry Fox events

    It’s been 40 years since Terry Fox started his inspiring journey to raise money and awareness for cancer research, and this week both our Elementary and Senior Schools celebrated his legacy of hope and courage in many different ways.

    Our Elementary School was engaged in Terry Fox related activities in class throughout the week, and on Friday the Junior Primary and Primary classes had a Terry Fox walk at the Public Gardens, while the Grades 1-6 walked to the Gorsebrook Park soccer field. Our Senior students also took part in a Terry Fox run during their Phys Ed class, and on a Terry Fox walk during one of their classes.

    Both our Elementary and Senior students raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation. The Elementary School raised over $3,000 while the Senior School raised over $5,000.

    It was a great week to remember Terry Fox, and that anything is possible if we try.
    Thank you to all those involved in the organization of these activities and to all of those who made a donation.
  • Elementary School Thanksgiving Service

    Yesterday in preparation for the Thanksgiving weekend, our Elementary School celebrated a very special School Thanksgiving Service, which was led by our Campus Minister, Moira Schrader transmitting via Zoom from the 6C classroom.

    The service reminded us that faith and gratitude are journeys and that it is very important for us not to wait for every problem to be gone before we begin to be grateful in our lives.

    The students in the 6C class had written on a paper leaf the things they are thankful for, and during the service, some of them read what they wrote. One by one they placed their leaves on a tree drawn on their classroom whiteboard.

    “I’m thankful for the nature that’s around us that always provides all the resources that we need,” said Nate, who was the first one reading and placing his leaf.

    This service was the perfect way to start our Thanksgiving celebration. Thank you to all those who made it possible!
  • SS Pep Rally

    On Wednesday our Senior School held a Pep Rally. To keep cohorts separated and to follow safety measures, all the activities took place in the classrooms. 

    Students from Grades 7 to 12 enjoyed a Kahoot trivia game over Zoom, a Just Dance competition, and poster decoration. It was a Spirit gear day, and everyone showed great Sacred Heart spirit.

    Hats off to the Student Council Executive and all the students who put together this fun and safe event! Let’s keep building our school spirit!
  • Camp 10 Adventure for the Grade 10 Barat Academy Girls

    A two-day adventure was an early highlight of the year for the Grade 10 Barat Academy girls as they enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities as part of the annual Camp 10.
  • September

    On your mark, get set, go!

    Last week our Elementary School participated in our first-ever “virtual” Cross Country Meet. This year's event was held at the Camp Hill Cemetery, and all of our Grade 3-6 students participated, putting in a good effort and finishing with a smile on their faces.

    Having an annual cross country event is important for our students, as it provides an early opportunity to take part in a "competitive" athletic event, and to experience the highs and lows of competition. In the long run, sporting events like these play an important role in helping students develop resiliency and self-regulation skills, as well as goal-setting, growth mindset, and sportsmanship.

    Big thanks to Mr. B and Mr. G for organizing and running the event, and for their ongoing dedication to keeping our students active and healthy.
  • Introducing this year’s ES Student Council Executive

    Serving on the School’s Student Council allows our students to have a say in student activities and a voice with the school administration. It’s also a great way to dip a toe into the world of leadership. This year, the ES Student Council Executive election was held on Wednesday, September 23rd. After an array of impressive speeches filled with great ideas, the results are in: Co-Presidents: Isobel Schrader and Henrik Gerard; Treasurer: Penny Brown; Secretary: Brie Sims. Over the next week, there will be elections for Class Representatives in our Grade 4-6 homerooms.

    Congratulations to all of the students who stepped up with courage and confidence to share their ideas, and congratulations to our brand new ES Student Council! We look forward to your leadership. Thank you to all those who made this election possible!
  • And we’re off!

    This morning we welcomed our new Junior Primary and Primary students to campus, and what an exciting start to the 2020-21 Academic Year it was! 
    Once our youngest students said goodbye to their parents they were personally escorted by Mr. Griffiths to their new classrooms. Once everyone was settled in, our teachers began the day by introducing themselves and talking about all the new things our students will be doing this year. They also went over the classroom rules, so they know what is allowed and what’s not - especially important this year.
    We can’t wait to see all the amazing things these little ones will accomplish this year. Thanks to our students, families, and faculty for embracing our new rules to keep us all safe. Happy new school year!
  • A little technology and a lot of passion combined for our first-ever virtual choir!

    Back in March when we, along with the world, went into lockdown mode to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we had to cancel many of our beloved traditions and events, including our Elementary School Musical. But, thanks to the passion, creativity, and dedication of Music Teacher and Choir Director, Adele Merritt, the show went on! 
  • We're back!

    The 2020-21 Academic Year is around the corner for our students, but for our faculty and staff, we’ve hit the ground running this week. Things got off to an enthusiastic start at our all-employee assembly in the Fountain Gym where everyone was physically distanced and masked. It was the first time since early March we gathered as a group, and it was energizing! 

    Headmistress Sr. Wachter spoke about the work that has gone into preparing for the safe reopening of School. And while recognizing that there is uncertainty for some and questions still to be answered, we are excited to be back and ready for this year. Sr. Wachter also spoke to the importance of this year’s theme: Building an Anti-Racist Culture Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and quoted from the reflection Awe, Wonder, and Love by educator Fr. Richard Rohr:

    “The call to love beyond our own flesh and blood is ancient. It echoes down to us on the lips of indigenous leaders, spiritual teachers, and social reformers through the centuries. [The founder of Sikhism] Guru Nanak called us to see no stranger, Buddha to practice unending compassion, Abraham to open our tent to all, Jesus to love our neighbors, Muhammad to take in the orphan, [Hindu mystic saint] Mirabai to love without limit.” 

    This week’s preparations also include a Q&A session with our consulting physicians Dr. Jeff Scott, Nova Scotia's former Chief Medical Officer of Health, and Dr. Robert Bortolussi, pediatric infectious disease specialist at the IWK, who have been tremendous in helping us prepare for a safe return to school. Doctor and Senator Stan Kutcher, an internationally-renowned expert in adolescent mental health and a leader in mental health research, will speak to staff and faculty about the importance of mental health for ourselves and our students this year. And we are pleased to welcome our new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to talk about the initial work they have undertaken in support of this year’s theme. 

    Faculty and staff continue to prepare for next week while familiarizing themselves with new protocols, plans, spaces, and expectations. The momentum and excitement is building!
  • March

    A SWEET adventure to the sugar woods!

    Last week our International students visited Sugar Moon Farm which boasts a 2500-tap maple syrup operation located in the sugar woods of Nova Scotia. There they learned how maple syrup is made and tried the chewy, shiny “sugar-on-snow” - hot maple syrup drizzled on crushed ice - a very Canadian experience! Everyone also had the chance to enjoy a tasty local brunch featuring all things maple of course. And they enjoyed perfect weather for snowshoeing up into the sugar bush. What a way to kick off the March Break! Thanks to our International Admissions Manager, Mrs. Allison Englehart for coordinating this SWEET day.
  • Great weekend for our debaters

    Last weekend our Junior debaters Max Mitchell and Xander Biddulph won the Jr title at the Dalhousie Sodales Canadian Parliamentary Debate Tournament. Laura Wright was awarded 6th place speaker overall, with Max taking 3rd, and Xander 2nd.
  • February

    Great results from our student athletes

    We’re bursting with Sharks pride this week thanks to an amazing week of results from our student athletes.
  • The Amazing Math Race

    This week our Senior School girls participated in a very special SHSH tradition - “The Amazing Math Race.” A total of 31 teams in Grades 7 and 8 competed in the Race while Grade 9 students hosted in 16 different country stations spread throughout the School.

    At the beginning of the Race, each team received a “passport” and they had to travel from country to country by solving math problems that included logic puzzles and physical and mental puzzles. Every time they solved a puzzle, they received a signature on their passport and moved to the next country.

    Argentina, France, China, and Mexico, were some of the 16 countries that were part of the Race, and our Grade 9 students did a great job making our contestants feel like they were actually traveling to the country they represented.

    Congratulations to the winners:
    1st Place - Hannah Sarty and Madison Yould
    2nd Place - Mica White and Elianne Cao 
    3rd Place - Aine Heavey and Mabel Gerard

    And well done to Béa Cameron and Olivia Joli who hosted the top country - France!

    Special thanks to Ms. Bekkers, Ms. Hipson and Ms. McMullen for taking on this event with such great enthusiasm and dedication. It was a fantastic team-building opportunity and the most perfect way for our students to have fun with math.
  • Celebrating all things Hispanic!

    Students from Grades 10, 11, and 12 gathered this week for the annual Spanish Fiesta which celebrates all things Spanish.

    The highlight of the Fiesta was the special variety show that demonstrated the students’ Spanish skills through singing, dancing, and even performing on a telenovela they wrote themselves. They also watched the movie, “Bajo la misma luna,” a drama about a 9-year-old boy who tries to reunite with his mother who works illegally in the United States. Of course, there is no fiesta if there is no food, and our students enjoyed tortilla espanola, tostadas, and tacos for lunch; it was just what they needed to give them energy for the salsa lesson that followed. 

    The Fiesta ended with the traditional cake-cutting ceremony and with some special pinatas made by our students. Thank you to our parent volunteers for their help with lunch and a big thank you to Señora Riley and all those who made this Fiesta possible!
  • Senior School Science Fair

    Last week, our Senior Students took over the Study Hall for this year’s Science Fair. The students had to choose a scientific question to answer, conduct research to formulate their hypothesis, and then design an experiment to report on. After weeks of hard work, they presented their results.

    From evaluating ultrasound gels, to the reliability of eyewitness testimonies, our students presented over 55 projects to their classmates, parents, and more than 30 judges from professional and amateur scientists who shared their time and expertise.
    Based on the judges' scores, seven winners for each of the boys and girls have been selected to move on to the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo (regional science fair) at Saint Mary's University in April. At the conclusion of this event, six presenters will be selected to join the National team. 
    Congratulations to the top seven presenters and the runner-ups:
    Abby Titus:  Physical Coordination and Reaction Times
    Bea Cameron Surrett:  Nature: Where Phones Go to Recharge
    Cydney Carruthers:  Reduce, Reuse, Replant
    Holly Jamieson:  The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony
    Julia Ballesteros:  The Effect of the Density of Liquid in a Glass on the Sound Produced
    Olivia Jolin:  Evaluating Ultrasound Gels
    Yinchen Qian:  Does the Water Temperature Affect the Acidity of Lemon Water?
    Runner-up -  Anna Toulany: Does the Vapour from Vapes Affect Plant Growth?
    Alek Lypowy : Tensile Strength of Fishing Line
    Eric McFetridge:  Waking Up Right - Alarm Clock Effectiveness
    Ian Dicker:  Reaction Time
    Jacob Cote:  Do House Plants Help Air Quality?
    Mac Duncan:  Is it better to Walk or Run in the Rain?
    Romen Lawen:  Chemical or Natural Cleaners
    Zachary Laberge:  The Future of Oil Cleanup Technology
    Runner Up -  Max Mitchell: Invisible Ink  
    Well done to our winners and all of our students for their hard work, and thanks to our judges and those who came out see STEM in action!
  • Provincial Debating Action at Sacred Heart

    This past Saturday, Sacred Heart School of Halifax hosted the Nova Scotia Junior High Provincial Debating Tournament that saw 16 teams from six different schools participate. 
    Sacred Heart had a fantastic presence, with seven teams vying for the title.

    In individual standings, Hannah Sarty placed 10th, Xander Biddulph 9th, Aidan Eisan 8th, Holly Jamieson 7th, Elspeth Simms 5th, Max Mitchell 3rd, and Cydney Carruthers 2nd. In team standings, Aidan Eisan and George Chedrawy placed 7th, Hannah Sarty and Elisabeth Cormier 6th, Elspeth Simms and Laura Wright 4th, and Max Mitchell and Xander Biddulph 3rd. 

    And about that title - Cydney Carruthers and Holly Jamieson made it to the finals, but came up just short as they took home a 2nd place finish.  

    Congratulations to all of our Sacred Heart debaters on a great tournament! A big thank you to all those who volunteered to judge, moderate, and feed the debaters - we couldn’t host debate tournaments without our amazing volunteers.
  • Senior School GSA Day

    The Senior School was brimming with a delicious assortment of baked goods as part of fundraising efforts by the GSA to support the Rainbow Refugees Association of Nova Scotia, a non-profit organization that provides support to LGBTQI+ refugees from around the world seeking to resettle in our province. In addition to the bake sale, Senior students could wear rainbow-coloured clothes as part of a Colour Day. Thanks to everyone who helped plan today’s fundraising activities.
  • Can you spell C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N?

    The tension and excitement was palpable during this year’s Elementary School Spelling Bee, where 18 students from Grades 4-6 took part in a fierce spelling competition.

    The students faced the challenge with courage and confidence, and the appreciative audience enjoyed watching the competition play out. Sixth-grader Richard Lu came out on top as the Champion after winning 31 rounds that saw him spell 31 words of increasing difficulty from the official Scripps list. Fifth-graders Kaden Shen and Gracelyn Lu were this years’ First and Second Runner-Ups respectively.

    Congratulations to our top 3 spellers and all our students who braved the stage. A big thank you to all the faculty who helped make this year’s Spelling Bee a great success.
  • Exploring the World Beyond the Classroom

    Our Grade 9 boys had an epic trip last week when they visited the most European city in North America - Quebec City.

    Over five days, our 33 students enjoyed the impressive architecture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and vibrant culture of Quebec. 
    They had the chance to visit important historical places and beautiful architectural landmarks such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, where local artists set up each morning to sell their crafts, and the Plains of Abraham, the site that marks the battle between the 1759 French and British. It was also a choice location for our boys to go snowshoeing. 

    One of the highlights of the trip was the visit to the Erablière chemin du roi, which is a sugar shack where our group of students learned about maple syrup production and listened to traditional Quebecois folk music played by the fiddle. They even played the spoons and danced to the fiddle music.

    There was also time to play some hockey at the Carnaval venue and to enjoy a delicious raclette super at a quaint family-run restaurant.
    This trip was a tremendous opportunity for our boys to grow and learn beyond the classroom. Special thanks to our chaperones Gabrielle Gesner, Wallace MacAskill, Heather Leal, Gordon MacKinnon, and Janelle Misener, and all the people involved in making this trip such a memorable experience for our boys!
  • Dropping words and rhymes during the Poetry Festival

    Our Grade 2 students enchanted the ears and warmed up the hearts of our audience during this year’s Annual Poetry Festival.

    Each of the students presented their own original poem in front of their family, friends, and teachers. They also recited poems as a group, which was an absolute pleasure to watch.

    Poetry is a great way for our students to find their own voice. Special thanks to Ms. Carter and Ms. Mosher for all the love they put into this special event and kudos to our students for putting their hearts into it.
  • Elementary School Variety Show

    Last week, our Elementary School held one of the most enjoyable events of the year - the Annual Variety Show. There were 17 acts including comedy routines, piano and guitar solos, dances, and even a rock performance that made the audience feel the beat of "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

    Audience members were clearly impressed and delighted with the talent on display from these students, who spent weeks preparing for their moment in the spotlight. Thanks to our students who braved the stage and for those who came out. 
  • Winter Carnival at Sacred Heart

    Winter can be a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors, but our Senior School students brought the fun inside during the Winter Carnival.

    The halls of our Senior School lit up with all kinds of fun activities, including PJ Day, Twins Day, and Jersey Day, which saw Kobe Bryant well represented. The girls’ annual Lip Synch was, as always, a huge hit, while the boys took to the breakout spaces for GaGa Ball and board games. Hats off to our Senior School Student Council and student leaders who organized this year’s Winter Carnival. It was a great opportunity for the kids to recharge their batteries during the February blahs!
  • World Interfaith Harmony Week

    “Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbour” -  words to live by and ones we certainly took to heart in our Elementary School last week as we celebrated World Interfaith Harmony Week, a UN initiative that encourages all people of goodwill to recognize that their common values far outweigh their differences. 

    During two special assemblies, our students sang about “peace, salaam, shalom, namaste,” and they learned the meaning of each of these special words. We also welcomed Dr. Henry Bishop, an artist, musician, educator, and expert in African culture, who took our kids on a musical journey, experiencing the fun of creating rhythms on the djembes, a type of African drum.

    Thanks to all who helped mark this special week.
  • January

    Opening their hearts and wallets for Australia

    After spending some time in Australia visiting relatives over the Christmas break, Hudson and Nash Willis, two of our Elementary School students, felt deeply motivated to start a fundraiser to support Australia’s bushfire crisis. 

    Every class in the Elementary School joined the cause and competed against each other in a friendly “coin war” to see which class could raise the most money. The reward is a colour day and pizza party and the winning class was 4HG.

    The total amount collected over the whole week was $2,633 which was donated directly to the Australian Country Fire Service in support of the volunteer firefighters.

    A big shout out to every student who joined this noble cause and special thanks to Nash and Hudson for leading this meaningful social action initiative, and to all those involved in making this fundraiser possible.
  • Senior School’s Musical Rocked the Little Theatre

    After months of planning and rehearsals, the cast and crew of this year’s musical - High School Musical - took to the stage for four SOLD OUT shows! The Senior School students brought the story of Troy, Gabriella, and the students of East High to life in the most entertaining of ways, and the crowds loved it! The students’ love of performing arts was a joy to behold, as was their talent. Hats off to the students for their incredible performance. 

    Special thanks to Gwen Dawson for her passion and hard work as director and music director, and to our cast of incredible musicians - Chuck Homewood, Rebecca Fear, Moira McDonald, Stephen Tugwell, Laurie Tarulli and Linda George-Wegner. Thanks also to all the behind-the-scenes folks who were involved in making this musical a tremendous success!
  • Literacy in Junior Primary is an interactive experience

    Our kids in Junior Primary had an “amoozing” week as they completed their in-depth exploration of the book “If You Give A Moose A Muffin”, by making their very own muffins for their snack.

    They used their hands and eyes to grate the carrots and mix ingredients carefully. They tasted some of the carrots and blueberries before adding the rest to the mix, and they enjoyed smelling the aroma of the muffins as they baked.

    The baking project was the culmination of a week of reading and re-reading the story and then using their imaginations to illustrate and write their own version of the story. They made some observational drawings of a moose, practiced writing the word “moose” and compared this special creature with other Canadian animals that don’t hibernate through the winter.
  • Sacred Heart celebrates the year of the Rat

    Students and faculty came together this morning to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special assembly where some of our students explained the meaning of this special holiday.

    A savoury aroma filled the Lunch Room as some of our students transformed meat, veggies, and dough into hundreds of precisely wrapped dumplings which were shared among students and faculty. Many wore red, a color that symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture.

    As well, some of our Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese students were on hand at different stations throughout the Lunch Room where students had the chance to learn the right techniques for using chopsticks, writing calligraphy, and intricately folding paper.

    It was a great day loaded with hands-on fun and the opportunity for all of our students to get insight into the East Asian cultural sphere.

    Thanks to our Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese students and all those involved in making this day so memorable. Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái!
  • Warming up the hearts of the Veterans

    Classrooms in the Girls’ High School were transformed into a blanket manufacturing workshop over the past few days as our Grade 9 girls joined forces to make wheelchair lap-blankets for the veterans at Camp Hill.

    In teams, the girls worked diligently to measure, cut, sew, and iron a very special blanket design that features two velcro strips that snap on to the wheelchair handles to stay put, and has a pocket so the veterans can put their hands in and stay warm. The blankets are made with corduroy and fleece to be both durable and cozy, and much of the fabric was donated to us. 

    We hope this project, part of our Social Action Program, will bring great comfort to the veterans and the girls are looking forward to delivering them when they’re all finished. Thanks to the girls for all of their hard work, and to Christina McKay for her guidance.
  • A taste of Canadian winter

    A taste of Canadian winter

    Our international students recently took part in a very Canadian tradition - ice-skating. Students from Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Austria laced up their skates and experienced some winter fun at the Halifax Emera Oval. For many, it was their first time ice skating, and after a wobbly start, they did a great job! The day also included steaming cups of hot chocolate and another taste of pure Canadiana - the BeaverTail. Thanks to our International Admissions Manager Mrs. Allison Englehart for coordinating this fun day out.
  • SHSH Cheers on the Hurricanes!

    Despite some nasty weather, the SHSH community was out in force at the Halifax Hurricanes game on Sunday as they lost a close game to the Moncton Magic. 
  • Weekend ACIS Hoops Action

    It was a busy weekend for our Jr Boys’ and Girls’ basketball teams as they took part in the annual ACIS basketball tournament hosted by Sacred Heart and Halifax Grammar. Four Sharks teams competed across two divisions with some excellent results and great experiences. 
  • Craft Club Sews for Australia Wildlife

    Using stand-in stuffie koala bears and other assorted animals as their models and their inspiration, our Elementary School Craft Club spent hours this week and last sewing joey pouches, bat burritos, blankets, and other animal wraps for the injured and orphaned wildlife devastated by the fires burning in Australia.
  • A visitor from the other coast!

    A great big SHSH welcome to Grade 12 student Elena Burnett who arrived in Halifax last Saturday as part of our Exchange Program. A student at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bellevue, Washington, Elena will be with us for two weeks. 
  • Millwood High School Tournament

    Our Senior Boys’ basketball team won second place at the Millwood High School Tournament last weekend in Sackville.
  • MIS Basketball Tournament

    This year’s MIS Basketball Tournament in Montreal, co-hosted by our sister school, Sacred Heart Montreal, was a phenomenal experience for our Senior Girls’ basketball team. 
  • Feast of Epiphany

    Our Elementary School and members of our SH family gathered this morning in the Study Hall to celebrate the Feast of Epiphany.
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