• October

    Sacred Heart’s Golf Team Swings to New Heights

    From the tees to the greens, this year’s SHSH gold team had their most impressive season ever! 

    First up was our annual tournament which took place at the Old Ashburn Golf Club on September 25. From that event, Barat and Fountain teams — Josephine Schlobohm, Carina Li, Tallulah MacNeil, Zoya Lawen, Sean Beland, Christopher Caseley, Ethan MacDonald, and Caleb Hounsell participated in the School Sport Nova Scotia (SSNS) Regional Golf Tournament event at Grandview on September 27. The Barat team did exceptionally well and moved forward to the Provincials. Kudos as well to Grade 8 Fountain Academy student Christopher Turgeon Caseley who advanced to the Provincials as an individual golfer.  

    At the Provincials at Osprey Ridge Golf and Country Club in Bridgewater on October 4th, both Christopher and the Barat team, which included Grade 11 international student Josephine Schlobohm and Grade 9 student Carina Li, performed well on a tough course. 

    It was a short but fantastic season for our golfers, and we would like to thank coach Bryan Fader for his dedication and guidance, our young golfers for their hard work, and Sr. Wachter for her support.
  • September

    Opening of School Prayer Service

    As we journey together through this new school year, we took time today to celebrate our official Opening of School Service. 

    This special day started with the blessing of our Junior Primary and Primary students, led by Sr. Mary Finlayson, RSCJ, who shared a beautiful message about sharing love. The official service then took place in our Chapel with a small cohort of students and staff while the rest of the School joined them virtually. 

    In addition to music, readings, prayers, and the lighting of candles to recognize our Five Goals, Sr. Wachter shared a lovely reflection that invited us to share the love that lives in our hearts by discovering our particular gifts and developing our unique potential, ideas which are deeply connected to this year’s School theme: Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly.

    Special thanks to Sr. Mary Finlayson, RSCJ, our Senior School Student Council, Ms. Mosher and her Grade 3 students, our Campus Minister Moira Schrader, and to all those who made this Service possible. It was a wonderful way to formally start the 2021-22 School Year.
  • A Big Sacred Heart Welcome to New Families

    Thanks to clear skies and a big outdoor space, we were able to host our annual reception for new parents on the evening of September 16th. This year, we also included all Grade 7 parents so they could meet their new Principal and Vice-Principals and learn more about the coming year in Senior School. 

    Over 100 parents were on hand to hear welcoming remarks from Sr. Wachter, our Board of Governors Chair Kathryn Tector, our Principals, and Miriam Regan, our Director of Advancement. In addition to learning more about the School and our mission, parents were introduced to our Parents' Guild Executive and were briefed on the additional opportunities to volunteer and build community. 

    Thank you to all who were able to join us, we're so thrilled to have you as part of our Sacred Heart family!
  • School Spirit Strong as Senior School hosts Pep Rally

    Energy, laughter, school spirit, and a flock of students and faculty dressed in red and white flooded Point Pleasant Park during this years’ Senior School Pep Rally.

    From water balloons and parachutes games to three-legged races, our students enjoyed a broad assortment of team-building activities around the Park that gave them the opportunity to get to know one another, celebrate their school spirit, and kick-start the year. Not to mention it was simply all kinds of fun!

    Big thanks to the Student Council and all the student leaders and faculty who made this event possible.
  • A sweet cap to the week!

    A big thanks to our wonderful Parents' Guild who capped the first week of the new school year with a very popular Popsicle Parade, the COVID-friendly iteration of their annual Ice Cream Social. Underneath those masks there were all kinds of smiles and at the end of those popsicles there were many sticky fingers! This is just the first of many community-building activities from the amazing volunteers from our Parents' Guild, and we look forward to them all.  
  • Welcome Back to a New School Year!

    After a well-deserved summer break, all of our students are back on campus today to kick off the new school year, and we’re thrilled to have them here. 

    Classes for all grade levels started today, while yesterday our Junior Primary and Primary students had a transition day to discover and play. And, students new to Senior School had their orientation followed by a pizza lunch. Big thanks to our Student Council who was a big part of the welcoming crew. 

    We wish all of our students, family, faculty, and staff a wonderful and safe new school year.
  • June

    Elementary School Prize Day

    The last day of school for our Elementary School students was also one of the best! After all, it was Prize Day, where students were recognized and celebrated for their many achievements over the year. The students’ energy and excitement filled our classrooms during our virtual event, and cheers and applause could be heard throughout the School. 

    Congratulations to our winners, all of whom are noted here. And heartfelt thanks to our Elementary School faculty for their love, dedication, and support; you are what makes our Sacred Heart education and experience so phenomenal. 

    Our very best wishes to students, their families, and our faculty for a wonderful and safe summer. We look forward to seeing you in September!
  • Prize Day: Celebrating our Senior students’ accomplishments

    In the final event of the Senior School year, our Barat and Fountain Academy Prize Days recognized students who have made a significant contribution to academics, athletics, and school life. We are proud to announce this year’s winners, all of whom are noted here.
  • Honouring 215 Lives

    In response to the tragic news that the remains of 215 children were found at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, our School this morning observed 215 seconds of silence to honour the victims, and our staff and students wore orange in solidarity with the Indigenous community. 

    Our theme this school year — Building an Anti-Racist Culture • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — has guided discussion, deep reflection, and actions at our School over the course of the past year. We chose the theme to focus on anti-black racism in support of the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd was killed, to own our educational responsibility in light of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s findings, and in light of other social justice issues facing us as Canadians. This news from Kamloops, and the entire tragedy of Residential Schools, remind us why this theme is so important. Our faculty, Student Council, and DEI Committee will continue to educate our students and community and take action around discrimination and racism. 

    At Sacred Heart, we are committed to our mission of love and education to justice. We stand in solidarity with the families of these victims and the Indigenous community, and we grieve with them. Let us remember these children.
  • May

    Feast of Sophie Barat

    In one of our most important annual celebrations, our Sacred Heart students and staff virtually gathered to celebrate the Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, our School’s foundress.
    This lovely celebration included music, prayers, and reflections to remember her life and legacy.
    During the ceremony, we also celebrated the students who have been at the School for 10 years. We also took time to acknowledge our faculty who have just retired or are about to, and our 17 long-serving staff members who together have been at Sacred Heart for 230 years! 
    It was a special day and celebration, and we thank each and everyone who contributed to making it so special. And special thanks to so many of our students and staff who contribute so much to our Sacred Heart family!
    Ten Year Students

    Barat Academy

    Grade 8 
    Julia Chiasson
    Sophia Croft
    Aine Heavey
    Shiang Liu
    Eva Lumsden
    Nelanga Mtshali  
    Julie Nolan-McCarthy
    Sophia Tugwell  

    Grade 11
    Emma Nicholson-Krupp
    Fountain Academy

    Grade 8 
    Thomas Casey
    Colin O'Neil 

    Grade 9
    Alexander MacNeil 

    Grade 10 
    Romen Lawen
    Jack Ryan 
    Employee Service Milestones

    5 Years
    Jeff Britton
    Claudia Cubillos
    Sherry Jollymore
    Jamie MacDonald  
    Jeremy MacHattie 
    Michael McCallum
    Moira McDonald 
    Barbara Wade
    15 Years
    Bill Druker
    Maura Gair
    Catherine Meagher
    20 Years
    Linda George-Wegner
    Warren Kane
    Anthony Morris
    25 Years
    Linda Davis 
    Donald Ward
    35 Years
    Norma Lord
    Veronica Chipman
    Kim Harper-Given
    Nancy Jakeman
    Warren Kane
  • The Beloved Tradition of Last Will Goes On

    Our Grade 11 and 12 girls celebrated one of our most revered Sacred Heart traditions — the Last Will.
    Although the ceremony took place via Zoom for the second year in a row, the heartwarming speeches and the loving spirit of our Barat students were conveyed through the screen. Words of wisdom, stories and advice were exchanged as the Senior students passed the torch to the girls coming behind them. 
    The ceremony ended with a beautiful slide show that captured many memorable moments for our young women from Barat Academy who are about to begin a new chapter in their lives. 
    Thank you to everyone who poured their hearts into making this ceremony memorable for all. 
  • This year's Zoom: A Fun Run Another Big Success

    For the second year in a row, our virtual “Zoom: A Fun Run” was a smashing success. Almost 60 students, faculty, staff, and family members got out and ran, walked, and biked anywhere from one to ten kilometers. 

    As a kick-off, many joined a group Zoom call for some pre-event motivation. And after, there was another Zoom call to celebrate successes. 

    The goal of this event was to bring us together as a community — although apart — to get active and challenge ourselves, whether it was to cover a certain distance, beat a certain time, try something new, or race a friend or family member. 

    Special thanks to Mrs. Shoneth Leadbetter for organizing this amazing event and for keeping us all motivated. Congratulations to all the participants! Hopefully next year we’ll be able to do this together in person.
  • Barat students participate in Sacred Heart Network Solidarity and Sustainability Dialogue

    Over the last three months, Grade 11 Tua MacNeil, Julia O’Regan, and Claire Rankin have been attending the Sacred Heart Network Solidarity and Sustainability Dialogue, a virtual opportunity to learn how to engage in respectful dialogue and share their perspectives around social justice issues with students from sister schools in Mexico and USA.
    The discussions have been provocative, and each school has the opportunity to facilitate the month’s dialogue. In the spirit of creating a brave space, the girls break out in the same small groups every month, allowing them to build a new relationship with their sisters from other schools.
    Big thanks to the creators of this program, teachers Kimi Falatko and Jessica Campbell from Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and Woodlands Academy from the Sacred Heart respectively, to Mrs. Charlotte Riley, and especially to our students Tua, Julia, and Claire for engaging in this special program and for proudly representing the spirit of our Barat students.
  • April

    ES Easter Service 

    Our Elementary School came together to celebrate a very special Easter service, organized and led by the Grade 5F students, who did a fantastic job sharing the essence of Easter.

    The students prepared prayers, readings, and a pre-recorded gospel reenactment. The prayers of intention included for all those affected by COVID-19 and a special mention for the victims and the families of the mass shooting in Portapique as we marked the first anniversary of the tragedy.

    Sr. Kim King, RSCJ was part of the service and shared a beautiful reflection about God’s love and how that love can be expressed uniquely by each of us. 

    Special thanks to our Grade 5F students for their dedication and hard work, to Sr. Kim King, Mr. Christian, our Facilities staff, and the Elementary School Liturgy Committee for their support in making this special service happen. 
  • Double Banner

    Congratulations to both our Boys’ and Girls’ Senior Basketball teams, who have won their respective Capital Region Division 3 Banners. 

    Our boys demonstrated teamwork, passion, and skill during a dominant Division finale over Armbrae Academy. Special mention goes to Grade 12 student Simon Tector, who for the last three years had led the team to numerous victories, including this one. Big thanks to coaches Allan April, Brent Martindale, and Jamie Smith for nurturing these boys into such a dominant force, which they also proved last week with a big win in an exhibition game over a strong Division 2 team.  

    Then it was the girls’ turn to impress. After some disappointing losses earlier in the year, the girls showed their tremendous growth and grit with a win over Armbrae Academy for the Banner. Shout out to Grade 11 students Tua MacNeil and Claire Rankin who both had big games for the Sharks. Kudos to coaches Mr. Antwon Christian and Ms. Claire Reardon for their leadership guiding this year’s team and instilling in them such a fighting spirit.

    Our student-athletes and our coaches should be very proud of their efforts and accomplishments this year. We certainly are!
  • Senior School Easter Assembly

    As we continue to observe the liturgical Easter season, our Senior School came together today to celebrate with a meaningful Easter Assembly. 

    The Assembly was led by Fountain Academy’s Grade 12 class and organized by Senior School teacher Ms. Gair. The students prepared prayers, a gospel reading, music, and a short presentation to reflect on this special occasion.

    As a very special part of the celebration, we were joined by Sr. Mary Finlayson RSCJ, Vocations Director of the Society of the Sacred Heart United States Canada, who joined us from New York via Zoom to share a beautiful Easter reflection: “All of us whatever our religion, our tradition is, our faith, we are called to share love. Love is the greatest gift of all, it is what our world needs, it is our only hope...”

    Special thanks to Sr. Finlayson, our Grade 12 boys, Ms.Gair, and Campus Minister Moira Shrader for the Easter season so beautifully.
  • March

    Patricia McMullen Combines Math and Songwriting For The Win!

    Great big congratulations to Senior School faculty member Patricia McMullen who was the only Canadian winner in the National Museum of Mathematics songwriting contest, The Open Set. Patricia won for her entry "Math Has Played Its Part" which was set to the tune "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King soundtrack. All contest entries had to be about mathematics or a mathematical concept and had to be performed by the songwriter. Patricia's song speaks to the beauty of mathematics all around us, and you can enjoy her performance here. Way to go Patricia, your passion for math — and music — is inspiring.
  • Toilet Paper and Robots make for an Amazing Day!

    For the first time, Sacred Heart competed in the Provincial RoboFest Championship hosted in a virtual format by Acadia University. This international competition, created by Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI, is designed to get young people excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) and Computer Science, while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to prepare them for higher education and careers in technology. Teams are required to program a robot to perform designated tasks without adult intervention of any kind. 

    We were thrilled to have three teams compete from across the Senior School, and especially to see an all-girls team! The Grade 9 boys team which consisted of Tommy, Nathaniel, Tony, George, and John Z; the Grade 11-12 boys team included Omar, Robert, Rocco, and Mirai, supported by Franklin and Sam B; and the Grade 9-10 girls team included Hannah, Aarushi, MJ, and Monica.

    Each team was given two minutes in each round of play (which had slightly different factors to consider) to locate five rolls of toilet paper on a playing area, bring them to a designated location, and stack them. Teams received points for each completed component.

    All our teams performed very well, especially considering that approximately half of the team members were brand new to any form of robotics. The Grade 9 boys had a noteworthy performance in the second round, earning one of the highest scores of the competition.

    The energy and enthusiasm all three teams brought to the short competition season was contagious, and we can't wait to carry that excitement forward into what will hopefully be a much longer season next year!

    Big thanks to coaches Ms. Leadbetter and Mr. MacHattie, and to Ms. Spears, Mr. MaCallum, and Sr. Wachter who helped out on the day of the competition. 
  • Barat students helping women in need

    Aware of the struggle that many Canadian women face to buy hygiene products, our Grade 9 girls recently led a Feminine Products Hygiene Drive as part of their religion class.

    Over two weeks, every class in the Barat Academy took part in this special initiative that was fuelled by empathy for women in our community. Little by little, the girls filled boxes with shampoo, sanitary pads, toothpaste, deodorant, and more. The box was also filled to overflowing with love and support.

    Well done Grade 7R which collected the most products and in so doing earned themselves a Colour Day. The products, worth over $2,600, will be delivered to local shelters Adsum House and Out of the Cold after March Break. Thanks to Dr. Da Silva for helping the girls coordinate this initiative and big thanks to all the girls and their families who participated.
  • Our students were buzzing after Spelling Bee success

    Eighteen students in Grades 4-6 took to the stage recently for this year’s Elementary School Spelling Bee, which turned out to be another high-spirited competition.

    In the Little Theatre where the contestants were safely seated, Principal Tugwell carefully read the rules and then officially kicked-off the competition. One by one, the spellers walked to the stage ready to demonstrate how hard they had been preparing for this day. After 20 nail-biting rounds, Kaden Shen came out as champion with the word “itinerary”, while Anna MacDonald and Jude Chedrawy were first and second runner-ups respectively. We are proud of all of our spellers. They demonstrated grace under pressure and courage and confidence. 

    Year after year, this competition supports our students to build a solid foundation in spelling and vocabulary and to practice performing under pressure. And although this year we missed having parents and guests in the audience, many were still able to Zoom into the live broadcast.

    Congratulations to all the competitors for their hard work and dedication, and big thanks to our Pronouncer Ms. Chipman, to Judge Sr. King RSCJ, and to all those who made this year’s Spelling Bee another great success.
  • February

    A prayerful experience during the Busy Person’s Retreat

    It’s been seven years since we held the first Busy Person’s Retreat at Sacred Heart. This spiritual experience is offered to all faculty, staff, and community members, regardless of their faith tradition, who are looking to learn or deepen their prayer life, or to explore and ask questions about their relationship with God - however they name God.

    This year, we had 14 participants who were accompanied by experienced spiritual companions including some of the RSCJ who live next door at the Barat Residence. On Monday, all the participants began the retreat together with an opening prayer, and for the rest of the week they had optional morning prayer and one-on-one sessions with their spiritual companion. It was a great week of reflection and spirituality, and was especially important this year as we live through these challenging times. 

    Thank you to Sr. Anne-Marie Conn, RSCJ, Sr. Donna Dolan, RSCJ, Barbara McVeigh, Campus Minister Moira Schrader, and to all those who made this year’s retreat possible.
  • African Heritage Month

    February is African Heritage Month - an opportunity to celebrate and share the culture, legacy, and history of African Nova Scotians.

    This year, both our Elementary and Senior schools marked this month in many ways, from learning about the legacy of African descent in the development of our province and country to holding special assemblies, creating informative bulletin boards, and hosting colour days that raised money in support of Africville Museum and Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia. We also welcomed special guests, such as Marvin Okello from the Halifax Wanderers, and author Keonté Beals. And, our School’s Librarian Laurie Tarulli curated special reading lists for each of our schools, including books like “Meet Viola Desmond”, “Africville”, “Dear Justyce”, and many more.

    The best way to empathize with people is to learn more about them, which is a big part of this year’s theme: Building an Anti-Racist Culture: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Thanks to all who contributed to making this year’s Africa Heritage Month such an important opportunity to learn and celebrate black history.
  • Keonté Beals visits Elementary School

    Singer, songwriter, piano player, dancer, and co-author of the book “I Am Perfectly Me”, Keonté Beals visited our School this week for a book reading and to share just some of his many talents with our Elementary students.

    Born and raised in North Preston, Beals and his 10-year-old brother Antonio, co-wrote and co-published the book to inspire children to believe in themselves and feel empowered, regardless of their visible or invisible differences. And empowered is exactly how the kids felt during Keonté’s presentation, which took place for some classes in the Little Theatre where they were socially distanced, and via Zoom in their classrooms. 

    Big thanks to Keonté for sharing his talents and important message with our students, and to Ms. Englehart for arranging the visit.
  • Shining online during this year’s ES Variety Show 

    The show must go on! And so our Elementary School students went ahead with this year’s annual Variety Show virtually. Grade 3-6 students shared their pre-recorded videos with a live audience of parents tuning in over Zoom. 
    The impressive 29 acts showcased a huge diversity of talent and imagination and included everything from time-lapse drawing videos, piano solos, dances, figure skating, basketball, and comedy routines. This non-competitive show was a fantastic way for the students to demonstrate their creativity and develop confidence. 
    Kudos to Molly and Vikesh for their terrific job as co-emcees, and to the committee of teachers for pulling this special event together under challenging circumstances. And congratulations to all of the students who took part - we are very proud of your courage and confidence! 
  • ES Winter Walk 2021

    Winter is no reason to hibernate inside! When properly dressed, a winter walk is fantastic exercise, and good for the body and mind. Today, our entire Elementary School got outside to walk in the beautiful Public Gardens as part of our Annual Winter Walk. It was made even better with the glorious sunshine and good friends! Big thanks to Mr. Britton for organizing this healthy initiative and our teachers and staff who happily chaperoned.
  • Celebrating the Start of Lent

    This morning our Elementary and Senior schools came together for a special virtual Ash Wednesday Service led by students from different grades and Campus Minister Moira Schrader.

    Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the holy season of Lent, the 40 days during which we prepare for Easter. Our service included music (safely played of course), scripture readings by our students, a reading from the Gospel of Matthew, and a pre-recorded video reflection from Fr. Paul Morris, the Director of Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica. Fr. Morris explained the traditional meaning of fasting and almsgiving, and in a modern twist suggested that fasting could include giving up social media or our favourite TV show. He also recommended giving our time, finding ways to show that we care, or listening to someone else as beautiful forms of almsgiving.

    Because of COVID, this year ashes were sprinkled on the crown of the head instead of marking them in a cross on the forehead, a method used by the Pope. 

    This Service was a big community effort, and our thanks go to all the students who participated in the service, to Mr. Tugwell and Mrs. Carter for their beautiful music, to Fr. Morris for his beautiful reflection, to Grade 5M for reading the prayers of intention, to all the teachers and staff who distributed ashes, and to Campus Minister Moira Schrader for leading and organizing the service.
  • Winter Carnival Fun in the Senior School

    This week our Senior School celebrated the annual Winter Carnival tradition with a bevy of activities organized by our incredible Student Council.

    From colour days with fun themes, to socially distanced Winter Olympics, from singing and dancing (safely of course) to candy grams, our students shared their spirit, collaborated with one another, and took some time to just relax and have fun. This event is always a great opportunity for students to re-energize as they gear up for the final half of the year.   

    Huge thanks to the Student Council, and to the Vice Principals Ms. Groves and Mr. Pinches for helping organize such an amazing event. What an awesome way to kick-off an extra long weekend for our students!
  • Basketball is back!

    Wednesday was a fantastic day for our Senior Basketball team, which, after almost a year without competing, faced CPA High School in the Shark tank. Their excitement and energy helped lead them to an easy 61-41 win over CPA High School. And while the win was great, it was even better just to see them back in action and have competitive sports return to our gyms. Here’s to a great season! Go Sharks Go!
  • Celebrating all faiths at SHSH - Interfaith Harmony Week

    For the past 11 years, the United Nations has dedicated the first week of February to celebrating Interfaith Harmony Week, an event that aims to make the world a more peaceful place by recognizing the diversity and value of the world’s many religions and faiths.

    This year, both our Senior and Elementary students marked this week by holding two special assemblies.

    Senior students from Grade 11, led by Ms. McKay, shared the different ways in which religions around the world express sacred greetings, and how the underlying message is always remarkably similar: Peace be with you. They closed the ceremony by praying together in the words of the great spirit and peace activist, Mahatma Gandhi.

    Our Grade 4M students and their teacher Ms. MacPherson prepared a very meaningful celebration that included a song they previously recorded, and a candle-lighting ceremony in which 18 candles were lit, each representing different faiths, former and present students, our province, the people of Canada, the world, and friendship. They added all those candles to a heart, representing how love holds us all together.

    Special thanks to Ms. McKay and Ms. MacPherson for leading such beautiful and meaningful assemblies, to our Grade 11 and Grade 4 students for their commitment, and Campus Minister Moira Schrader for her support. This week was the perfect reminder that peace is the answer we all seek, and that love and friendship can light the darkness.
  • Marvin Okello from the HFX Wanderers visits SHSH

    Our Grade 4 students received a very special visit from Marvin Okello, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the HFX Wanderers FC. 

    He shared many interesting stories and discussed the terms diversity, inclusion, and privilege, and how it relates to our School theme this year: Building an Ati-Racist Culture: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It was a great opportunity for our students to learn how important it is to stand up for others and to be intentionally anti-racist. When asked about what they learned after Mr. Okello's visit, Bobby, one of our Grade 4 students, said “We are all the same, and we should treat each other the same.”

    Big thanks to Mr. Okello for sharing some of his wisdom and experience with us.
  • January

    Epiphany in the Elementary School

    This morning, our Elementary School virtually gathered to belatedly celebrate the Feast of Epiphany which took place on January 6th, but that we rescheduled because of our week of remote learning.

    The ceremony was led by our 4C students, who did a magnificent job under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Carter. In addition to readings and music, the 4C students helped us visualize the Wise Men’s visit to Jesus so many years ago. And, they made us reflect on how we too can give the gifts of ourselves to Jesus and so many others - our families, friends, and neighbours. 

    Big congratulations to the 4C students and Ms. Carter for such a beautiful ceremony, to Campus Minister Moira Schrader for all of her support, and to those who made this celebration possible.
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