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The Debating Program

Who doesn’t love a good argument? For our students schooled in the art of debate, they more often than not win theirs!
Our Debating Program is all about the beauty of ideas and the art of persuasion. With a stellar national and international reputation and a storied history and tradition, Sacred Heart School of Halifax’s Debating Program is outstanding. We have earned the most wins in national high school competitions, and recently graduated Canada’s top high school debater.

Debating is not only an enjoyable and highly social activity, it brings with it a host of social and academic skills along with emotional grit that stand students in good stead for years to come. The ability to develop a cogent argument and stand and deliver an address to a room of strangers are skills that will reap benefits long after high school.

In addition to local events and tournaments, we often attend the Oxford Cup, the Moses Coady Debates, and the following tournaments: McGill University, Queen's University, the Hart House, and the Sodales, as well as the Junior High Nationals and the National Seminar. We also annually host the prestigious Donahoe Cup and the Sacred Heart Debate Camp — both of which attract students from across the country. And, we are life members of the Debate Association of New England Independent Schools.
“Debating has helped me find my voice while meeting new people, visiting old friends, and traveling to some amazing places. The skills that I’ve developed in critical analysis and asserting myself have been helpful not only in debating but in other social situations and academic classes. I’ve been lucky to have the guidance of my debate coaches, Mrs. Bjornson and Mr. Casey who have helped me to fulfill my full potential, both as a debater and as a person.”
- Julia Wright ‘22
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