SHSH believes the arts are an integral part of a well-educated and well-rounded student. Our exceptionally strong visual and performing arts programs give students the opportunity to hone their skills in music, art, or theatre, and often through all three at once. This year we will be following the guidance of the Nova Scotia Choral Federation, the Department of Education, and Nova Scotia Health to ensure the safe engagement of music in both the Elementary and Senior schools. While our traditional music offerings may be on hold, we are excited to continue providing music education for all levels and look forward to re-introducing band and choral opportunities when it is safe to do so.


Generally, music is everywhere in our School, and a big part of our culture. We can't wait to get back to our choral musical presentations in the Senior School, and have our Senior Choir and Liturgy choral group perform again at School events. Our award-winning Elementary Choir which regularly performs at School events and throughout the wider community, will be up and performing again as soon as it is safe to do so. And, our Band program will offer three levels of instruction - Beginner (Grade 6), Intermediate (Grade 7), and Senior Band (Grade 8-12) - as soon as we can. In the meantime, music classes continue and we have found creative and fun ways for our students to listen to, experience, make, and learn about music.

Performing Arts

Budding thespians will be delighted to know the Senior School theatre production and the Elementary School musical are highlights of the school year. Working with producers, directors, music directors, and choreographers, our students spend weeks in intensive rehearsals. Productions are enhanced by elaborate set designs, fanciful makeup and costumes, and sophisticated sound and lights.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts are integrated into so much of our School life and our academic program that it’s difficult to say where one ends and the other begins. From our creative and engaging Elementary School art programs to our Senior School Fine Arts classes, students at every level are given an opportunity to create and to collaborate. Teachers inspire the creativity, capabilities, and curiosity of our students. Students are introduced to basic drawing techniques and engage with a host of media, exploring both the aesthetic and the cultural along the way. Their work is showcased on campus, through art shows, and on public display like the mural on Dresden Row in downtown Halifax.
"Our daughter Abigail has certainly benefited from the dedicated support of teachers throughout her time at Sacred Heart; they nurtured both her interest and talent in the arts. Performance opportunities from elementary through high school helped in building her confidence and certainly were the highlight of her time at Sacred Heart.
- Lisa Bugden, Parent of Alum
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