The Future is Calling

A Sacred Heart high school education is a stepping stone to a future filled with promise; one that can define your life. All you have to do is answer the call!

We offer a high school program that is second-to-none.

It includes our Advanced Placement (AP) program with rigorous academic courses through which you can earn university credits before you even get to university; a superb university prep program that includes a personalized game plan, individual counselling and guidance, career planning, and support for the application process; and character-building leadership development opportunities that round out the senior experience.

Still have questions? We have answers!

Check out our e-brochure “High School: The Future is Calling”.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Our Advanced Placement (AP) program and why it is the best foundation for students;
  • How we prepare students for university with a well-developed game plan;
  • Why we place so much emphasis on leadership development and social justice opportunities;
  • Our unique Core class which helps students navigate the complex social issues of our day;
  • How single-gender education on a co-ed campus is the best of both worlds;
  • Our well-balanced and robust (within pandemic protocols) offerings of athletics, extracurriculars, and arts.

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“Access to a Sacred Heart education means having countless opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. Being a student at this school has taught me the value of a community which supports academic advancement, and has fostered much personal growth.”

– Manal Quraishi ’18