For 170 Years, Sacred Heart School of Halifax Has Been Empowering Strong Girls.

That’s a long time to understand how girls learn and why a single-gender environment makes such a big difference in their education. That wisdom and experience has transferred into an unparalleled education and experience for girls. Here, we challenge girls to break down barriers, to aim high and then even higher, and to be the best for and in the world.

Check out our e-brochure “7 Ways All-Girls Schools Make Girls Stronger”.

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Marie Reyes,
Admissions Director
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As a result of our focus on single-gender education, female students at SHSH:
  • more quickly and confidently find their voice
  • demonstrate increased academic confidence
  • expect to earn a four-year degree
“With a world of vocations now open to young women, there is no better time for them to understand that if they work hard and go for it, there’s nothing they can’t have. I teach them that. I teach them that they can do and be anything in the world they want. And it’s very empowering for them and for me.”
- Chris Horne, Sacred Heart Teacher for 26 years

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