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  • Wait, what? Take a break?

    Our school is now on March Break for two weeks. This year’s Break began just after acknowledging our ‘dusty’ human condition on Ash Wednesday. Beginning the Lenten season by going on March Break feels oxymoronic. How can we reconcile the sacrificial theme of this season with the call to take a break, relax, and rest up?!
  • Give us all the hearts

    Our School recently launched the public portion of its Dare to Be Capital Campaign. It happened on Valentine’s Day, and we went out of our way to talk about how much love has been shared by our community.

    You would think that at Sacred Heart, we would have had enough of the heart symbolism. But no, we embraced Valentine’s Day in all it’s pink-papered, red-hearted glory. And while we know some people love Valentine’s Day we also know a good many who hate it. But, we think any day that reminds us life is really about love is a good day. Love makes the world go ‘round after all.
  • Boys will be boys just isn't good enough anymore

    By now you have probably viewed the Gillette advertisement We Believe: The Best Men Can Be. Perhaps you were part of a heated conversation about its message. Maybe you loved it, maybe you hated it.
  • New Year, New Mindset

    It’s January of a new calendar year, 2019. The holidays are behind us, it’s cold outside, and life just got serious again.
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