Courage and Confidence

Sacred Heart School of Halifax is known nationally and internationally in the world of high school debating.  As the school with the most winners in national competitions, we have a long and successful history with this sport, recently graduating Canada’s top high school debater.

Debating is not only an enjoyable and highly social activity; it brings with it a host of social and academic skills that will stand a student in good stead for years to come. The ability to develop a cogent argument and deliver an address to a room of strangers are the kind of skills that will reap benefits long after high school.

We often attend the McGill University High School tournament, the Oxford Cup, Queen's University Tournament, the Hart House tournament, the Moses Coady Debates, the Sodales tournament, as well as the Junior High Nationals and the National Seminar. We host the Donahoe Cup and the Sacred Heart Debate Camp. We also regularly participate in American tournaments as members of the Debate Association of New England Independent Schools.

We are committed to advancing debating programs across Canada. You are welcome to use the debating materials on our site, although we ask you to acknowledge their source. You can find those materials here