Goal 5: Personal Growth

“Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.”

The personal development of each student is a priority that infuses every program at Sacred Heart.  Students are taught in a way that builds genuine self-confidence and courage as they progress through the years with us.  Developing self-discipline and leadership skills is deliberately integrated into our program at each level.  Our students aren’t just academically capable; they are young women and men of value.  They don’t just have a profound knowledge of their studies; they have a profound knowledge of themselves.

The Goal 5 Criteria:
1.  All members of the school community show respect, acceptance and concern for themselves and others.
2.  School policies and practices promote self-discipline, responsible decision-making, and accountability.
3.  Students grow in self-knowledge and develop self-confidence as they learn to deal realistically with their gifts and limitations.
4.  School programs provide for recognizing, nurturing and exercising leadership in its many forms.
5.  All members of the school community take personal responsibility for balance in their lives and for their health and well-being.