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Ms. Tarulli Speaks at NSCC

Our School Librarian, Ms. Tarulli, was recently invited to be a guest speaker at NSCC.  Speaking to a group of soon-to-be-graduating second year students, Ms. Tarulli's talk focussed on library services and programming for children and teens in a school setting. In particular, she addressed the need for and strategies to employ in an effort to make every student feel valued and recognized. This provides an opportunity for the librarian to always be viewed as an approachable figure for students to rely upon for support in all areas of academia and pleasure reading. Also discussed was the unique position Sacred Heart is in, as one of the only schools in Nova Scotia with a full-time degreed Librarian, and the many services and programs we offer to our students through the library, including bi-weekly visits, one-on-one student support and research instruction. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Tarulli on staff; thanks for all you do!
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