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Engineering inspiration from a trailblazer

Big thanks to Genanne Beck who came in to talk to the Girls' High Grade 9 Core classes as they continue to explore career options. Genanne, a trailblazing civil engineer, was the first woman to earn an Engineering Diploma from SMU, and the first woman elected to the council of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia. Genanne, who retired after working 38 years in the industry, now promotes the value of engineering to students across Nova Scotia. During her presentation to the girls, she articulated the value of engineering as an excellent foundation for almost any career, particularly those in math and science, and how it can help critical-thinking, problem-solving and project-management skills. She challenged the girls to ask themselves three questions: Are you interested in helping others? Do you want to make a positive contribution to society? Are you interested in protecting the environment? Girls who answered yes to any of those questions may wish to look at engineering as a potential career choice. Genanne's final bit of advice was to surround yourself with supportive people and focus on being the best you can be at your chosen profession. It was all sage advice, warmly received by the girls; some of whom may just become future engineers!
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