Elementary Athletics

learning to move

Healthy, active living is at the core of everything we do here in the elementary school. The personal growth of every child is encouraged by a dynamic mix of structured physical education and free outdoor playtime. We offer three physical education periods per week at all grades. Through games and activities, fundamental skills are introduced and practiced. All students up to grade six enjoy three outdoor recesses daily, for a total of 70 minutes of free play.

We believe that being active is supposed to be fun. There are many seasonal co-curricular activities to choose from, including Running Club, Karate, and skating at the nearby Emera Oval. Our yearlong weekly intramural program for grades three to six encourages friendly competition in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball. As students move up through the school, there are ample opportunities for participation in athletic meets and events, including cross country, badminton, swimming and track and field.

Every athlete’s career begins with play, and the joy of physical activity is celebrated at Sacred Heart Elementary School.