University Counselling

Well Prepared

Virtually all of our Sacred Heart graduates go on to a university education. We ensure their success by providing University Preparation for all students, starting with a senior high orientation session in Grade 9. Students are encouraged to plan for their future, listening and learning from senior high students and recent graduates about how they can start preparing for their post-secondary years. Students are supported in developing a strong and well-rounded résumé through leadership and volunteer experience, with the understanding these are essential if students want to be considered for any substantial university scholarships or awards in their Grade 12 year.

In Grade 11, some students write PSAT exams to give them an opportunity to experience lengthy multiple choice testing. Their scores show how they compare with college-bound students at their grade level. Students receive results individually, with an opportunity to discuss their strengths and limitations.

Once in Grade 12, students have a compulsory University Preparation course for one period each week. Individual counselling and ongoing guidance is also provided on a regular basis. Sacred Heart graduates are encouraged to apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Overall, students leave Sacred Heart fully equipped to engage in a successful and fulfilling post-secondary academic experience.