Grades 7 - 12

The Best of Both Worlds

“The best of both worlds.”  That’s how we like to describe our senior school program. While we offer a single-gender program for both girls and boys, we do so on a co-ed campus. This gives our students all of the advantages of a co-ed social environment while also enjoying the benefits that come from single gender classes in an education specifically designed to teach boys and girls in the ways that they learn best. Our boys' program, founded in 2005, is named Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart, after our benefactors Margaret and David Fountain.
In junior high, students build a foundation for success by developing good study habits, solid organizational skills, and a genuine love of learning. In senior high, students continue to strengthen their critical thinking skills while building their self-confidence as they become fully prepared for university.
Students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and to make connections between what they are learning and real world experiences. We have a strong AP program designed to help high school students make a successful transition to higher education. Before they engage with that wider world, our Grade 12 university preparation program assists students in planning for their post-secondary education. They receive guidance in career planning, the university application process, form filling, résumé writing, and scholarship applications. Students also benefit from extensive one-on-one counseling. Students leave Sacred Heart with all the tools they need to have a successful post-secondary academic experience, and to bring about positive changes in our world.
As part of an international network of Sacred Heart schools, we offer numerous opportunities to engage with teachers and students from all over the world, through physical exchanges and learning opportunities to virtual experiences such as our extensive list of online courses. 
Beyond our excellent academic program, our students learn to become engaged members of their community by ensuring that they are prepared to become confident life-long learners, developing their personal strengths and leadership abilities. Sacred Heart students are not just exceptional scholars and athletes, but are also extraordinary human beings.

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Wally MacAskill
Principal of Sacred Heart Senior School
(902) 422-4459