Religious of the Sacred Heart

Saint Madeleine Sophie's Guiding Hand

The Society of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (RSCJ) was founded in the turmoil of post-Revolutionary France by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat. Its history is the story of strong and dedicated women true to the Society’s motto, “Cor unum et anima una in Corde Jesu” (One Heart and One Mind in the Heart of Jesus).

We are grounded in the spirituality of our founding order and the evolving tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.  This mission emphasizes development of the whole child, delivered through a framework of Christian values. 

To achieve our mission, we look to the Goals of a Sacred Heart education, which gives purpose to our objectives, context for our educational philosophy, and inspiration for all that we do on a daily basis. We are further guided by the RSCJ charism and conviction that unite us with Schools of the Sacred Heart around the globe, and we take great pride in our goal to educate to a personal and active faith in God and to promote in our students an intellectual curiosity that leads to a lifelong learning.

You can find out more at the Society's web site