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  • February

    Science Fair breaks a record!

    This year's Sacred Heart Science Fair was our largest yet! With over 60 projects from Grades 9-12, there was a little something for everyone. Students worked hard to complete experiments in a variety of categories, including experimentation, innovation and research studies. We were extremely fortunate to have so many gracious members of our community who volunteered their time and expertise to provide feedback to our students. Our judges included alumnae/i, university professors, parents, friends, and families. The students with the winning projects will attend the Regional competition in April. Thank you to the many people who made this great event possible!
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  • Horario Fiesta 2018

    It was all Spanish all day long in the Little Theatre for the 20th Annual Spanish Fiesta. The day allows all of our students learning Spanish to immerse themselves in Spanish language, food, and culture. Highlights included a potluck lunch, salsa dancing, traditional cutting of cake, art projects, and a piñata surprise. Thanks to parents Michelle Pugh-Toole and Andrea Segovia for their help. It appeared as if everyone had muy divertido!
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  • Library gets a boost thanks to Kim King, RSCJ

    At the end of 2017, Kim King, RSCJ, and Manager of the Barat Spirituality Centre was recognized as a Scholastic Canada Reading Champion. The Award, created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Scholastic Canada, honours those who help children discover the pleasure and power of reading. Kim was given the opportunity to donate a Scholastic library worth $1,000 to the not-for-profit organization of her choice. We are immensely grateful she chose Sacred Heart! The collection of books will be housed in our library for all to enjoy. Thanks also go to Donna Dolan, RSCJ, who nominated Kim with an eloquent tribute which you can read here
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  • Junior Debaters hold their own at Dalhousie Sodales Tournament

    The Dalhousie Sodales Canadian Parliamentary Debating Tournament was held recently, and 12 of our Junior debaters answered the call. Our more experienced Junior High debaters competed in the Senior High division to help prepare them for their Senior High career. Julia Wright and Emily Coffen placed 7th as a team, and Eamon and Cullen Roach placed 8th. Individually, the Roaches tied for 7th, and Julia was 9th. These are excellent results for Juniors competing with Senior High students. Our other Junior High debaters did quite well in the Junior High division. In team rankings, Evan Laurence and Charlie Simms tied with Xander Biddulph and Malcolm Morency for 3rd place while Holly Jamieson and Cydney Carruthers came 5th. Individually, Holly was 4th, and Malcolm and Charlie tied for 5th. All around it was a great day! Kudos to everyone for putting out such a great effort. 
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  • NS Math League Competition - Round 2!

    At the recent Game 2 of the Nova Scotia Math League Competition, the Sacred Heart team of Manal Quraishi, Ruining Zhang, Sarah Howlett and Jingjing Nie placed first for the Halifax region. Well done ladies! The Nova Scotia Math League provides an opportunity for friendly competition between high school math students across the province. The Competition is comprised of ten math problems for the students to work on as a team and two math relays in which team members work individually or in pairs and race against the other teams to solve all of the problems in the shortest time. Our other two teams also worked hard and performed well as they improved their problem-solving skills and shared different strategies with other high school students to solve their problems. 
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  • So much talent in one place!

    Talent galore was on display at the recent Elementary School Talent Show. Students from Grades 3-6 showcased their talents on stage, including singing, dancing, piano playing, and stand-up comedy! This annual event offers children an opportunity to demonstrate courage and confidence in front of an audience. While there was a great deal of talent showcased on Thursday night, the true joy of this event is in its inclusive nature: all performers, whether beginners or near-experts, are applauded for their efforts. Well done!
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  • Grade 9 boys hit Quebec City in a big way!

    The Grade 9 boys traveled to Quebec City from Saturday, January 27th to Thursday, February 1st for our annual language trip to Carnaval! Educational activities included a trip to la Citadelle de Quebec, a session with Parks Canada at the Plains of Abraham and the Plains of Abraham Batailles exhibit, a tour of Lower Town Quebec, La Basilique and and the Musee de la Civilization. Excursions included snowshoeing, tubing at Village des Sports, games at Carnaval sites (including axe throwing and riding an electric bull!), swimming and tobogganing. The non-stop, adventure-packed trip was both fun (except for the seven-hour layover) and educational, and helped this great group of boys form an indelible bond as they prepare to enter high school. Thank you to Mme. Gesner for organizing and chaperoning, and Mr. MacKinnon, Mme. Misener, and Mme. Wright for chaperoning.
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  • Engineering inspiration from a trailblazer

    Big thanks to Genanne Beck who came in to talk to the Girls' High Grade 9 Core classes as they continue to explore career options. Genanne, a trailblazing civil engineer, was the first woman to earn an Engineering Diploma from SMU, and the first woman elected to the council of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia. Genanne, who retired after working 38 years in the industry, now promotes the value of engineering to students across Nova Scotia. During her presentation to the girls, she articulated the value of engineering as an excellent foundation for almost any career, particularly those in math and science, and how it can help critical-thinking, problem-solving and project-management skills. She challenged the girls to ask themselves three questions: Are you interested in helping others? Do you want to make a positive contribution to society? Are you interested in protecting the environment? Girls who answered yes to any of those questions may wish to look at engineering as a potential career choice. Genanne's final bit of advice was to surround yourself with supportive people and focus on being the best you can be at your chosen profession. It was all sage advice, warmly received by the girls; some of whom may just become future engineers!
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  • January

    Armbrae Invitational Debating Tournament Results

    The SHSH Debating teams were in tight at the recent Armbrae Invitational Debating Tournament, but there were some great successes. Big congratulations to Rebecca Chipman and Anisha Rajeselvam who placed first in the Senior category. Evan Laurence and Will MacDonald placed second in the Junior category, while Rory Clyburne and Brandon Powell placed third, and Lucy Walsh and Holly Jamieson placed sixth. It was another fantastic weekend of challenge, comradery, and success! Well done teams. 
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  • Grade 6's take part in Aboriginal Blanket Exercise

    As part of their Social Studies class, Grade 6 students, along with their teachers and Principal, recently took part in a moving Blanket Exercise put on by a group of local Mi'kmaq and Metis elders. The ceremony was a very visual way to show the students how colonialism has affected Canada's Aboriginal people. Through disease, wars, residential schools, centralization, and other means, the Aboriginal people have lost their land and culture since contact with the Europeans began in the 1600's. The hope is that the youth of today can see and understand the impact of the past and will ensure it doesn't happen again. Our thanks to these elders for their visit and wisdom. 
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  • A Cut for a Cause

    What took months to grow took seconds to cut off! Grade 9 student Emily Coffen recently donated 12" of her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program which transforms donated hair into realistic wigs for girls and women suffering from cancer. Emily was inspired by a former classmate who wore a wig. Emily knew that the wig gave her confidence and allowed her to feel more beautiful. And while Emily was nervous about getting so much of her hair cut off, she was also happy because she knew someone was going to benefit from it. And in the end, her much shorter sassy hairdo is easier to care for. Consider it a win-win! Kudos to Emily for making such an impactful personal commitment and donation. 
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  • New flipFORMS in action!

    Elementary Music Teacher and Band Leader Ms. George-Wegner is excited! For that matter, so too is Ms. Merritt. The School recently invested in new flipFORMS, easily configurable risers that make classes, concerts and performances easier and better. The forms can be configured in various heights and sizes which then allow for more effective standing or sitting positions for students to comfortably play instruments. They can also be used as extra platforms for staging, which is how they were first utilized at the recent Christmas concert. The accompanying photo shows the Grade 2C class practicing "Falling Snow" using orff instruments and the new risers. If you'd like to see the band, Ms. George-Wegner, and the risers in action, check out our Facebook post with full video! 

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