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  • Recognizing Commendable Contributions

    After a successful showing at this past weekend’s Impromptu Tournament, three members of the Sacred Heart community were honoured with awards for their outstanding contributions to Nova Scotia student debating.
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  • Grade 1's learn healthy oceans = healthy animals

    The Grade 1 classes joined with Vancouver Aquarium and World Wildlife Federation yesterday to participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. They took the city bus to Point Pleasant Park and cleaned the first two sections of Black Rock Beach. Together, they collected 194 pieces of trash, including bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic bags, plywood, lobster claw rings, foam packaging, and one very wet t-shirt. Motivated by their study of orcas, they learned about the importance of healthy oceans and how people can help and harm animals that live in them. This is an excellent example of Goal 3 - social awareness that impels to action. Well done, Grade 1!
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  • Last Chance to Visit the Enchanted Forest!

    The Large Parlour has become an Enchanted Forest for readers of all ages! Tomorrow is the final day you can immerse yourself in the magic, while also helping with one of the School’s fundraisers. 
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