JP's Celebrate the Olympics!

Although the 2018 Olympics are now over, the Junior Primary children used them to create their own JP Olympics and learned all about sportsmanship, inclusion, the global village, and competition. The children started with the Olympic pledge: “I promise to participate in the games. And give it my all. Winning or losing is not important. Remembering to have fun is. Let’s go Olympians. Let’s Go!” Once fully committed to their Olympics, they embraced the various sports and participated in their own curling, biathlon and bobsledding games. To make it eve more fun, they added in such non-Olympic favourites as the pipe cleaner race and the feather race! During each sport, the children cheered for one another as they gave it their all. It was wonderful to see the whole class support each other and applaud those who received a medal. All in all, the JP Olympics was a huge success because our children learned it was just as important to participate and have fun as it was to win a medal. Way to go JP's! Way to go Team Canada!

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