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A New Year Has Begun!

And we’re off! The 2022-23 School Year has begun and there was a definite sense of excitement on campus today as our students reconnected, met new classmates, and got their bearings for the year ahead. 

Our new Head of School, Dennis Phillips, was on hand with our Principals to welcome our students and their families. They were witness to some tears (some from parents and some from children), hugs, high-fives, and lots of smiles. 

The day started with Opening Assemblies for both schools, with welcomes, prayers, music, and an opportunity for Mr. Phillips and our Principals to speak to those assembled. Our School Theme — Growing Together with Compassion —  will play an important role this year as we embark on personal and collective journeys of learning and growth that allow us to support one another and our community with love. 

Our student leaders used our theme as part of their presentations in the Senior School today. Head of Barat Academy, Helen Bullock articulated her meaning of compassion as a means to “...not only acknowledge another person’s suffering but to become an active participant in helping to relieve some of that suffering.” Will Regan, Head of Fountain Academy, encouraged his fellow students with his interpretation of compassion, “…helping your classmates out, learning to work together, and working to make yourself into a better person.” Wise words from some wise young adults.

We wish all of our students, families, and staff a year full of learning, memories, friendship, and growth. Here’s to a great 2022-23 School Year. 
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