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Fond memories and emotions were high during this year’s Last Will

After two years of virtual ceremonies, one of our most beloved Sacred Heart traditions — Last Will — was celebrated in person again at Sacred Heart and it was as moving as it was memorable. 

In a ceremony in front of all Barat Academy students, the Grade 11’s took the opportunity to celebrate the graduating class. Stories, anecdotes, memories, and laughter were shared during the annual passing of the baton. Sr. Wachter was also the subject of her own last will as she took part in her last of these ceremonies at Sacred Heart; she was presented with a ceremonial box of kleenex that she and many of the students put to good use. The afternoon was capped with a fantastic slide show full of memories and appropriately set to the music of Abba’s Slipping Through My Fingers.  

Thanks to all of the hard work that went into this heartfelt and beloved ceremony, and thank you to the Grade 12 Barat students for giving so much of yourselves to our School.
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