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Fun and sportsmanship during Fountain Academy’s Ping–Pong Ladder Tournament

Over the last five weeks, classroom B217 in Fountain Academy was transformed into a ping-pong arena where our students fiercely competed for the annual Ping Pong crown. Along the way, they built deeper friendships while honing their ping pong skills and having a great time.

The ladder tournament was open to all the Fountain students who wanted to play and participants moved up the ladder as they won their game. After many serves, strokes, and powerful shots the finals took place last week, and Head Student Omar Qurashi displayed poise and skill to win gold in a nail-biter of a game against regional ping pong champion Jacob Scott. Winning the bronze was another regional ping pong champion, Sean Beland, who edged out his friend and teammate, Evan Laurence. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, and huge thanks to Mr. Druker for organizing this very special Fountain Academy tradition.
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