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Senior Students participate in the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo

Eight Grade 9 students represented themselves and the School very well on April 7th during the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo, the Regional Science Fair for students from public and independent schools within HRM.

Our students had some incredible projects:
Shaing Liu — How do Probiotic Supplements and Probiotic Foods Compare?
Isobel McBride — Is there Something Growing in Your Water Bottle?
Lucy d"Anjou — How Age Affects the Vitamin C Levels in Apples
Nelanga Mtshali — Do Natural Remedies Reduce Mouth Bacteria?
Sophia Croft — To Fry or Not to Fry: Cooking and Indoor Air Pollution Particles
Maria MacDonald — The Effect of Trees on Heat Dome Temperatures
Sherry Tu — How Different Sound Frequencies Affect Plant Growth
Adrian Jiang — What Type of Crystal Grows the Fastest?
Well done to all and special congratulations to Sophia Croft who won the Special Award for Best Health Project ($100 cash prize), a Medal of Excellence (top 25% at the intermediate level), and entry in the 2022 Canada Wide Science Fair to be held virtually in Fredericton in May.

We love seeing these amazing students excel in STEM; well done!
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