Barat students participate in Sacred Heart Network Solidarity and Sustainability Dialogue

Over the last three months, Grade 11 Tua MacNeil, Julia O’Regan, and Claire Rankin have been attending the Sacred Heart Network Solidarity and Sustainability Dialogue, a virtual opportunity to learn how to engage in respectful dialogue and share their perspectives around social justice issues with students from sister schools in Mexico and USA.
The discussions have been provocative, and each school has the opportunity to facilitate the month’s dialogue. In the spirit of creating a brave space, the girls break out in the same small groups every month, allowing them to build a new relationship with their sisters from other schools.
Big thanks to the creators of this program, teachers Kimi Falatko and Jessica Campbell from Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and Woodlands Academy from the Sacred Heart respectively, to Mrs. Charlotte Riley, and especially to our students Tua, Julia, and Claire for engaging in this special program and for proudly representing the spirit of our Barat students.
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