African Heritage Month

February is African Heritage Month - an opportunity to celebrate and share the culture, legacy, and history of African Nova Scotians.

This year, both our Elementary and Senior schools marked this month in many ways, from learning about the legacy of African descent in the development of our province and country to holding special assemblies, creating informative bulletin boards, and hosting colour days that raised money in support of Africville Museum and Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia. We also welcomed special guests, such as Marvin Okello from the Halifax Wanderers, and author Keonté Beals. And, our School’s Librarian Laurie Tarulli curated special reading lists for each of our schools, including books like “Meet Viola Desmond”, “Africville”, “Dear Justyce”, and many more.

The best way to empathize with people is to learn more about them, which is a big part of this year’s theme: Building an Anti-Racist Culture: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Thanks to all who contributed to making this year’s Africa Heritage Month such an important opportunity to learn and celebrate black history.
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