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Remembrance Day at the Elementary  

On November 10th, the Elementary School Student Council led this year’s Remembrance Day Assembly to honour those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live in peace. They walked in a procession to the Little Theater with the Canadian flag and a very special wreath.

Elementary School Principal Mr. Tugwell took time to acknowledge how honored we are to have members of our School community who have or who are currently serving our country, including Liet. Col. W. Brent Culligan, who was in the Little Theatre as a special guest.

It was a beautiful and solemn ceremony in which our students thanked and honoured all the veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice. This year there was a special emphasis on the more than 4,000 Aboriginal people in Canada who left their homes and their families to help fight in the First and Second World Wars.

Kurtis George-Wagner played a beautiful rendition of “The Last Post” which was followed by two minutes of silence.

Big thanks to each and every one of the members of the Student Council for leading such a moving ceremony, and to all those involved in the organization in today’s assembly. Special thanks to Kurtis George-Wagner for playing the trumpet in both our Elementary and Senior ceremonies.
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