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Learning about Egyptian Mummies at the Museum of Natural History 

For both our Grade 8 and 9 Barat Academy students, a field trip to the Museum of Natural History this week was not just an excellent learning opportunity, but a great chance to connect outside of the classroom. 

The Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life exhibit at the museum offered an excellent companion for the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum focusing on Ancient Egypt. The exhibit gave the girls an opportunity to see objects and artifacts they otherwise would only have seen in pictures. Of particular interest were the ancient Egyptian mummification and burial practices and the chance to see 4,000 year-old remains and treasures.

For the Grade 9 girls, this was their chance to see the exhibit they were originally scheduled to visit in March; until the pandemic changed their plans of course. This was their opportunity to reflect back on their class and see so much of what they learned brought to life. Big thanks to Ms. McQuaid for organizing both visits, and especially for ensuring the Grade 9 girls got their visit in afterall. For both classes, it was a fantastic outing. 
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