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Great results in the First Online Nova Scotia Impromptu Debate Championship

Last weekend, our debaters attended the first-ever online Nova Scotia Impromptu Debate Championship and came away with great results!

In the Junior category, Aidan Eisan placed second individually and Nathaniel Duguay fifth. As a team, they made it to the finals and came second. In the Senior category, Amelia Wallworth placed fifth, Cullen Roach second, and Anisha Rajaselvam came first as the top speaker of the day. Anisha then went on to compete with Amelia Wallworth in the team competition, where they debated our own Jaden Lawen and Cullen Roach in the Senior finals. After a fierce competition, Amelia and Anisha defeated Cullen and Jaden on a split decision from the judges, winning the tournament.
Big thanks to Pierre Duguay, Jennifer Hann, Rajesh Rajaselvam, Lori McCay-Peet, and Mattea Roach (a former SHSH debater) for judging this new online format. Without the support of parents as judges, we could not participate in and run a tournament. Huge thanks to Ms. Kathryn Bjornson for leading the teams and for her fantastic encouragement. Congratulations to all the debaters. Stay tuned because there is more to come for those who qualified for national tournaments. 
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