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The Millar sisters are making waves in our community

Nzingha Bernard Millar and Zamani Millar are former Sacred Heart students, and both have made tremendous contributions to our community.

A few months ago Nzingha Millar, a young leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her skills to community development, justice, and equality was recognized with the Progress Women of Excellence Young Woman of Distinction award. 

Zamani Millar on the other hand is a musician, songwriter, and producer, who in September this year, was one of five artists chosen for SOCAN Foundation’s 2020 Young Canadian Songwriters Award. With her composition “Sway the World” she won a $5,000 cash prize.

The Millar sisters' commitment to their community is impressive, and it is a great reminder of how sharing our talents with those around us can make a positive impact in our community and our world.

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