Emma Smith honoured by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

It’s been 19 years since Emma Smith graduated from SHSH, and since then, she has built a very successful career founded on dedication and professionalism.

Emma was trained as an Occupational Therapist and has worked for a number of years in clinical practice. 
She has volunteered and taught in countries like Ghana, Thailand, Haiti, and Nepal, and she’s currently involved in the World Health Organization’s Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative.

In September this year, Emma was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society (RESNA), a professional organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions. Emma was recognized for her exemplary volunteer work which included the Student Design Competition, on the Professional Standards Board, with special interest groups, and as Editor of the Assistive Technology Journal.

Emma is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science at the University of British Columbia, and we can not be prouder of her and of all her impressive contributions to our community.

5820 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 1X8
(902) 422-4459