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Elementary School Thanksgiving Service

Yesterday in preparation for the Thanksgiving weekend, our Elementary School celebrated a very special School Thanksgiving Service, which was led by our Campus Minister, Moira Schrader transmitting via Zoom from the 6C classroom.

The service reminded us that faith and gratitude are journeys and that it is very important for us not to wait for every problem to be gone before we begin to be grateful in our lives.

The students in the 6C class had written on a paper leaf the things they are thankful for, and during the service, some of them read what they wrote. One by one they placed their leaves on a tree drawn on their classroom whiteboard.

“I’m thankful for the nature that’s around us that always provides all the resources that we need,” said Nate, who was the first one reading and placing his leaf.

This service was the perfect way to start our Thanksgiving celebration. Thank you to all those who made it possible!

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