Senior School Science Fair

Last week, our Senior Students took over the Study Hall for this year’s Science Fair. The students had to choose a scientific question to answer, conduct research to formulate their hypothesis, and then design an experiment to report on. After weeks of hard work, they presented their results.

From evaluating ultrasound gels, to the reliability of eyewitness testimonies, our students presented over 55 projects to their classmates, parents, and more than 30 judges from professional and amateur scientists who shared their time and expertise.
Based on the judges' scores, seven winners for each of the boys and girls have been selected to move on to the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo (regional science fair) at Saint Mary's University in April. At the conclusion of this event, six presenters will be selected to join the National team. 
Congratulations to the top seven presenters and the runner-ups:
Abby Titus:  Physical Coordination and Reaction Times
Bea Cameron Surrett:  Nature: Where Phones Go to Recharge
Cydney Carruthers:  Reduce, Reuse, Replant
Holly Jamieson:  The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony
Julia Ballesteros:  The Effect of the Density of Liquid in a Glass on the Sound Produced
Olivia Jolin:  Evaluating Ultrasound Gels
Yinchen Qian:  Does the Water Temperature Affect the Acidity of Lemon Water?
Runner-up -  Anna Toulany: Does the Vapour from Vapes Affect Plant Growth?
Alek Lypowy : Tensile Strength of Fishing Line
Eric McFetridge:  Waking Up Right - Alarm Clock Effectiveness
Ian Dicker:  Reaction Time
Jacob Cote:  Do House Plants Help Air Quality?
Mac Duncan:  Is it better to Walk or Run in the Rain?
Romen Lawen:  Chemical or Natural Cleaners
Zachary Laberge:  The Future of Oil Cleanup Technology
Runner Up -  Max Mitchell: Invisible Ink  
Well done to our winners and all of our students for their hard work, and thanks to our judges and those who came out see STEM in action!

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