Exploring the World Beyond the Classroom

Our Grade 9 boys had an epic trip last week when they visited the most European city in North America - Quebec City.

Over five days, our 33 students enjoyed the impressive architecture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and vibrant culture of Quebec. 
They had the chance to visit important historical places and beautiful architectural landmarks such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, where local artists set up each morning to sell their crafts, and the Plains of Abraham, the site that marks the battle between the 1759 French and British. It was also a choice location for our boys to go snowshoeing. 

One of the highlights of the trip was the visit to the Erablière chemin du roi, which is a sugar shack where our group of students learned about maple syrup production and listened to traditional Quebecois folk music played by the fiddle. They even played the spoons and danced to the fiddle music.

There was also time to play some hockey at the Carnaval venue and to enjoy a delicious raclette super at a quaint family-run restaurant.
This trip was a tremendous opportunity for our boys to grow and learn beyond the classroom. Special thanks to our chaperones Gabrielle Gesner, Wallace MacAskill, Heather Leal, Gordon MacKinnon, and Janelle Misener, and all the people involved in making this trip such a memorable experience for our boys!

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