Warming up the hearts of the Veterans

Classrooms in the Girls’ High School were transformed into a blanket manufacturing workshop over the past few days as our Grade 9 girls joined forces to make wheelchair lap-blankets for the veterans at Camp Hill.

In teams, the girls worked diligently to measure, cut, sew, and iron a very special blanket design that features two velcro strips that snap on to the wheelchair handles to stay put, and has a pocket so the veterans can put their hands in and stay warm. The blankets are made with corduroy and fleece to be both durable and cozy, and much of the fabric was donated to us. 

We hope this project, part of our Social Action Program, will bring great comfort to the veterans and the girls are looking forward to delivering them when they’re all finished. Thanks to the girls for all of their hard work, and to Christina McKay for her guidance.

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