A visitor from the other coast!

A great big SHSH welcome to Grade 12 student Elena Burnett who arrived in Halifax last Saturday as part of our Exchange Program. A student at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bellevue, Washington, Elena will be with us for two weeks. 
Elena chose Halifax for her exchange thanks to an instant friendship she formed with SHSH student Gabrielle Côté when they met during the “Faces of the Heart” Youth Assembly in France in the summer of 2018. Gabrielle and her family are hosting Elena during her exchange in Halifax.

Back home, Elena is part of the choir and the drama club and in her spare time loves to bird-watch. Since the bird-watching in Halifax is a bit limited during winter, she and Gabrielle are planning some winter activities like ice-skating on the Oval. They also plan to visit the waterfront and share in some other fun “tourist” activities. Elena has felt welcomed by the School since her arrival and is enjoying time in classes and the Fresco with the other Senior School girls.

 Welcome to the SHSH community, we’re glad you joined us from the West Coast. 

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