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Now that’s how we kick off Christmas!

Thanks to the hundreds of people who joined us last weekend for the annual Christmas Fair and who took part in the array of activities on offer, from cookie decorating to face painting, from uniform and silent auction shopping, from visiting with Santa to visiting with Carole. The biggest event of the year, the Fair is our opportunity to welcome the general public into the School and to celebrate the start of the Christmas season with our community. It’s also an opportunity for our Parents’ Guild to raise funds for various School activities throughout the year. 

The Fair is a mind-boggling amount of planning and work, and it would not happen without countless hours of volunteer time from our Parents’ Guild Executive: Keith Bourne, Pam O'Regan, Rosine Lawen, Heidi Sapp, Marlee Naipaul, Lee Gifford-Simms, Monique Gogan, Jason Scott, and Miriam Regan; along with our Parent Leads: Andrea MacMillan, Taunia MacAdam, Mike MacDonald, Amy Publicover, Rafif Ahmed, Michelle Reddy, Leslie Rodriguez, Jennifer Cormier, Nancy Alexander, Tyler Held, Pam MacKay, Leigh Gillis, Katie Aven, Jennifer Ozen, Marcia Burke, Tina Diquinzio, Robin Thorsteinson. There were also over 100 elves who volunteered time before, during, and after the Fair. 

Huge and heartfelt thanks to each and everyone. 
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