Nova Scotia Debating Society Impromptu Debating Championships

SHSH recently hosted the Nova Scotia Debating Society Impromptu Debating Championships which drew 64 debaters from 11 schools across the province. Many of our students did exceptionally well, with several debaters placing in the top tier of their category. 
In the Junior team category, Xander Biddulph and Brandon Powell finished 4th, Elspeth Simms and Laura Wright took 3rd, and Holly Jamieson and Cydney Carruthers rebutted their way to the final, finishing in 2nd place. As a result of these strong finishes, these dynamic duos will be heading to the British Parliamentary Nationals being held in Saskatoon in December.

In the Senior School category, Cullen Roach and Jaden Lawen finished in 3rd place, and tenacious pair Amelia Wallworth and Anisha Rajaselvam finished 2nd in the final. These four have also qualified for the British ParliamentaryNationals, as well as the Senior Canadian Parliamentary Nationals in Winnipeg next spring.

Debaters were also scored individually on their speaking skills resulting in even more success.

In the Junior category:
Holly Jamieson - 2nd
Cydney Carruthers - 3rd
Aiden Eisan - 5th
Elspeth Simms - 6th
Xander Biddulph -  7th
Laura Wright - 8th
Brandon Powell - 9th

In the Senior category:
Anisha Rajaselvam - 1st (Top speaker of the day!)
Cullen Roach - 3rd
Amelia Wallworth - 6th

Thanks to all of the volunteers for judging and moderating, and our dedicated coaches for helping our students achieve such tremendous debate success. We can’t wait to see what the national stage has in store for these debaters!

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