Terry Fox Lives on at SHSH

Terry Fox, a hero to many and especially to Elementary School Principal Steve Tugwell, was here in spirit today for an indoor version of our annual Terry Fox Run. 
Students and faculty from both the Elementary and Senior schools took to the gyms for laps as part of their Run, and then made their way over to the Little Theatre to watch an inspirational video about Terry and what his legacy means for Canadians. Earlier Principal Tugwell spoke about Terry’s story and how his determination and perseverance created a Canadian legacy that we should never forget. He also reminded them about Terry’s mission, and why we continue to raise money to support cancer research in the hope that one day there will be a cure. Thanks to Principal Tugwell and his fantastic team of Run organizers - Mr. Griffiths, Ms. Elworthy, Mr. Moores, Mr. Britton, and Ms. Hammond - for keeping Terry’s dream and legacy alive here at SHSH.

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