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Celebrating our Volunteers' Successful Year

Last night, our Parents’ Guild held its AGM, announced the incoming Executive for 2019-2020, and celebrated the accomplishments of our parents and volunteers over the past year.
Needless to say it was a full night! Huge thanks to our outgoing Executive - President, Lee Gifford-Simms, VP’s Monica Rodriguez, Cathy O’Neil, Jennifer Chiesa, and Pam O’Regan, Secretary Liz Mahoney, Faculty Liaison Laurie Tarulli, and Past President Robin Thorsteinson - and the many parents who helped in ways big and small this year. Their collective effort and tireless devotion to the School and our students makes a substantial difference to the quality of school life and includes everything from the Hot Lunch Program and the CAIS Speakers’ Series, to flip tables and field trips. We also took the opportunity to raise a glass in appreciation and memory of beloved Treasurer Robert Boyd.

Please join us in welcoming the Executive for 2019-20:

President: Keith Bourne
Elementary Vice-President: Pam O’Regan
Senior School Vice-President: Rosine Lawen
Treasurer: Heidi Sapp
Secretary: Marlee Naipaul
Past President: Lee Gifford-Simms
Faculty Liaison: Jason Scott
Honorary President: Sr. Anne Wachter (ex-officio)

5820 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 1X8
(902) 422-4459